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by Chris Channing

A trip to the breath-taking lands of China is considered to be the trip of a lifetime by Western civilizations, so it’s good to make use of a trip if one should decide to depart. But to do so, one must first become familiar with their options from the experiences of others and travel agents alike.

When the Western hemisphere thinks of fun tourist attractions in China, The Great Wall is probably one of the first to come to mind. The Great Wall spans an enormous area around China, and is truly a magnificent world wonder considering the age in which it was built. While it doesn’t have much defensive use for China now, it still serves as a popular form of tourism income for the Chinese government.

Just as popular as The Great Wall, travelers also agree that The Forbidden City is required in viewing to complete a vacation. The city itself is rather massive, and surrounded by large defensive walls. Courts, greenery, statues, and exciting pieces of architecture are all wonders to look at while browsing the city. The Forbidden City is quite popular, so do expect to wade through crowds on a typical day of the attraction being open.

The Li River is great for travelers who want to explore the open waters of China. The river spans a good 250 miles in length before merging with other rivers, providing for a long and enjoyable sightseeing trip. The mountains, quarries, limestone deposits, and greenery along the way all make for a truly invigorating experience. A certain 50-mile stretch near Guilin attracts tens of thousands in tourists each year alone.

Going to China just wouldn’t be the same without taking part in the relaxation so many tourists experience at the beaches each year. The most popular of China beaches are filled with palm trees, beautiful waters, and plenty of hotels and dining areas for tourists to buy services from. Going to a beach is also a great way to meet locals and learn more of the Chinese culture in its present day form.

If possible, try to plan catching a festival of sorts. Different festivals occur throughout the year that correspond to important calendar dates. The Spring Festival, for instance, is the Chinese New Year and attracts quite the large crowd. Streets are often filled with dancers, parades, and a great number of vendors in which to buy things from. While it may be a cultural overload, it is truly amazing to see.

Closing Comments

For more attractions or ideas on what to do, it would be best to consult a travel guide. Go to a local bookstore, online, or find a travel agent to get the best ideas on what to see, where to eat, and where to stay in the glorious land that is China.

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