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by Alfred Renteria

The used Honda Accord is a much sought after car by used car buyers. People who depend on the car for their daily transportation like the reputation of the accord.

The first accords hit the market in the seventies. They were manufactured in Japan as part of the Honda car line. As sales increased the small hatchback was expanded into a midsized automobile. About ten years later, a car factory was opened in the United States to handle the growing demand. Later, factories were added in more countries around the world.

The first accords were compact three door hatch back coupes. Demand for the car soon increased the line to the four door mid-sized sedan as well. Over the years, changes to the line have increased the size of the car to a large mid-sized and even a full sized automobile.

Honda offers a certified car program on used accords. The means the car is inspected very closely and any required repairs are taken care of. The car is then issued an extended warranty for the next buyer. The warranty will include power train and basic coverage.

The additional warranties make the purchase a good buy for many owners. They are able to conduct their daily business knowing that the operation of the car will be reliable for many miles. This makes the used car desirable for many new owners.

Families with children need a good safe car. This is why they often look at the accord when shopping for a vehicle. The ratings of safety and reliability by the different experts are very reassuring. These cars don’t sit for long in the car sales.

Many examples of the used Honda Accord can be found for sale everyday. Often they are found in private party ads where an individual is wanting to sell his car. The dealers of used cars will give them special locations on their sales lots due to the popularity of the car with the public.

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