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UK Car Hire Savings

Holiday makers tend to forget the little things which mount up on your car hire without you thinking about it other than the rental costs. Ask yourself if you can do without the following in your rental.

Child Seats Travelling with a small child on holiday is unavoidable and will often entail a lot of extra equipment . In the UK the law requires all children under the age of 12 year to be strapped into a car until this age or until they reach the height of 135 cm. Ask yourself if you can carry the child seat on the plane with you or a booster seat for an older child. This will save on hiring a seat which could be costly over a 1 week rental.

Extra Drivers Most car journeys in the UK will only require 1 driver at most stages in the journeys as long drives are out of the question in the UK unless you decide to travel from John Groats to Lands End in one day. The average journey will only last 2 possibly 3 hours which can be driven in one go by one driver thus cutting out the cost of an additional driver saving your the additional driver’s fee which worked out about 10 each day or more depending on which rental company you use.

Insurances This is a big bone of contention amongst drivers. There are a number of different options available to the driver on arrival at a branch and they are advised to think carefully before driving away from the outlet with no insurances. Firstly you can say no to buying any insurance and place the excess amount on your card. Second you can purchase a policy from the branch staff on duty to reduce your excess. Thirdly you can purchase a policy from an outside source which covers you should any damage occur. The decision is yours to purchase or not purchase a policy don’t be pushed into a purchase you do not want.

Three options where you can save money on your car hire. Which you can then spend on your holiday treating yourself to something new or a nice meal.

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