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Trying To Avoid Jet Lag

Travelling by air is probably the best mode of transport between countries. The one thing everyone has in common is jet lag. This is normally when your body feels out of sync due to time travel as you will arrive in a country which is a few hours ahead of your own time zone. An example of this would be to arrive at your destination in the morning although you may have left your own country in the morning. Your body feels a little confused. The following will help with the jet lag.

By avoiding all the caffeine drinks and drinking mother natures water you will be hydrated and full of energy unlike caffeine drinks which will lower your energy levels to almost zero and make you feel tired and lethargic.

Sleeping on the plane journey is a great way to adjust your body to your new time zone. This will also relieve the boredom too as some of your flights may be 12 hours long. There are only so many movies which you can watch during this time frame. Some travellers are unable to sleep due to the long hours and being awake for so long that they may consider taking sleeping tablets. This is not advisable unless prescribed by your GP.

Do not give in to jet lag by sleeping during the day when you feel tired. Try and develop a simple exercise routine which you can do when you are feeling sleepy don’t give in and sleep. Try and stay awake until the same bed time as back home by doing this you will be able to stay awake and fight the jet lag within days of arriving at your destination.

Travellers can try and invent some new exercises to keep all your muscles moving and subtle when you are sitting down or even standing in a shop queue take the time to exercise and your body will benefit.

Anyone who has suffered from jet lag will understand and agree that a few simple changes to your life will help your recovery.

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