What You Need To Know Before You Go

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by Ada Denis

Do you want to express your love and appreciation for that special someone? Whether that special someone is a spouse, romantic partner, or close family member, you have many options. If you have money to spend and could enjoy a trip yourself, why not opt for a surprise trip to Jamaica? Regardless of whom your intended gift recipient is or what the occasion, a surprise trip will go down in history as one of the best gifts ever!

The most important part of planning a surprise trip to Jamaica is to be cautious with dates of travel. Do not just pull random dates and decide to travel then. This is where planning a surprise trip can get tricky. You do not want to spoil the surprise, but don’t pick dates without ensuring your gift recipient can get time off from work.

An easy way to plan a surprise trip to Jamaica is to come up with a disguise. Tell your gift recipient that they should take off a week of work and give them a date. It is likely they will ask why, so get creative. If you are married, consider using a remodeling project as an excuse. You can also create a fake destination. It is best to choose a destination that is similar to Jamaica, such as a beach, so that your gift recipient will not be disappointed with the change in plans.

If you are unable to convince your intended gift recipient to take a vacation, wait. Instead of surprising them with preset and already made plans, just state your intention to plan a trip to Jamaica. After giving the gift of intent, you can plan the trip and choose your travel dates together.

The next most important part of planning a surprise trip to Jamaica involves passports. Passports are required for United States citizens traveling to Jamaica. For that reason, if your intended gift recipient does not have a passport, they need at least two months to order and receive one. Keep this in mind when choosing your travel dates.

When researching Jamaica vacations, you will find many hotels and resorts to choose from. While most come highly rated and recommend, examine super-inclusive or all-inclusive resorts. These resorts are affordable, yet luxurious and they simplify the process of planning and paying for a trip.

When you book a stay at a super-inclusive or all-inclusive Jamaica resort, the cost of your food, drinks, tips, room, and entertainment should be included in the cost of your stay. Many will also allow you to incorporate airline reservations too. Essentially, one travel arrangement plans and pays for a good percentage of your trip upfront. This is ideal if your surprise trip to Jamaica is being planned on a budget.

On the island of Jamaica, you have at least ten all-inclusive resorts to choose from. All-inclusive Jamaica resorts come highly rated and recommend, but still make your choice wisely. Consider your gift recipient. Are you surprising your husband or dad who likes to golf with the trip? If so, opt for a resort with an onsite golf course. Not only is it convenient, but green fees are included with the cost of your stay. Are you surprising your wife or mother with a trip? Don’t just choose a resort with an onsite luxury spa, but book an appointment for them in advance!

As previously stated, Jamaica all-inclusive resorts allow you to prepay for a good percentage of your trip. With that said, be sure to set aside spending money. You and your gift recipient may intend to travel off site or purchase souvenirs. Saving spending money is important for last minute trips. You have been saving for a trip to Jamaica, but your gift recipient hasn’t had the opportunity to.

Finally, it is important to be creative when giving the gift. First, opt for a good time to deliver it. A birthday, anniversary, or Christmas is the perfect time to give the gift of a surprise trip to Jamaica for a romantic partner. For family, opt for a meaningful occasion, such as a birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

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