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San Francisco is the perfect vacation destination with a city rich in history and culture. So take a much-needed break from amusement parks and come see what this city by the bay has to offer.

One of the first things to do in San Francisco is to ride a cable car. Cable cars are not just a means of transportation for you; it is your destination for a very exciting experience. It provides amazing views of the bay and unique architecture of the city.

Get ready for some sightseeing and set out on a San Francisco Bay Cruise. You can relax, take in the history of San Francisco as you drift around the Golden Gate Bridge or take in a breathtaking sunset sail. There are many cruise options available from spending the day in Sausalito to cruising Alcatraz.

San Francisco has everything to offer, including great dining choices. Whether enjoying some Asian foods down in Chinatown or spending an evening on the Wharf, you are sure to find anything and everything to suit your needs.

You will also want to reserve an entire day for China Town. This venue offers everything to do from amazing sights and architecture to great food, shopping, tours and nightlife. It is a must see.

Lombard street is truly one of the most interesting landmarks in America. You can take the Powell-Hyde cable car to the top of Lombard St. and walk down this winding road while seeing some of the most remarkable views of San Francisco. Lombard Street is an unforgettable experience.

Get away from the chaos with a trip to the San Francisco’s largest park, Golden Gate Park. There are numerous activities to enjoy here including museums, botanical gardens, walking tours and even a buffalo herd.

Visit the most famous landmark in all of San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge. You can photograph this bridge from spots all over town, but the best way to experience it is to cross it. You can drive across, walk it or bike across it and really take in the size and beauty of this architecture.

The reviews are in, and people have had no problems in finding budget-friendly to higher-priced hotels and vacation homes to stay while visiting San Francisco. Many have commented on the beauty of the city, the wonderful food choices and the full range of activities to do and see. You can’t go wrong with a vacation to San Francisco, and you will leave with memories you will never forget.

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