What You Need To Know Before You Go

What Is Formula Drifting?

Unless you are a aficionado of racing cars, there is a good chance that you have not heard of Formula D Racing. Formula D has its adherents naturally, yet it is still not as commonly known as the other kinds of racing like Formula One, Drag Car Racing, NASCAR or Cross Country Rallying. This is partly because it is a pretty new form of car racing.

Each year the national television coverage is a bit more widespread, but it is taking a long time to prise some of the airtime away from the more established sports. Once you have seen a competition though, the chance is that you will become hooked on this exciting sport that they have called Formula D.

Hand-Held Navigation Systems

It seems that all new trucks and cars have an auto navigation system these days. However, there are a few different varieties of auto navigation system, so if you want one as well, you have to know which system is best for you. There are stand alone, factory installed systems, units that are added to a car later, portable systems and hand-held systems.

Some of these set-ups offer more capabilities than others, but you have to be cagey of an auto navigation system that offers functions that you will never use. These models are typically for the geeks. That does not mean that others can not use them, but they may be bewildering for the average person.

Playboy Satellite Radio

Satellite radio has truly taken off in some parts of the world, particularly in countries with a large land mass. Places like America, Canada, Europe and Australia, places where it is hard to realize national coverage with traditional terrestrial radio broadcasting without hundreds of expensive sub-stations to boost the signal.

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, satellite radio is here to stay for several reasons. First of all, satellite radio is digital and therefore is able to deliver sound of very high quality. Terrestrial digital radio can do that too, you might say.

Yes, that is true, but the coverage of terrestrial digital radio is rather small which means tht if you are driving a long distance, you will have to keep retuning your radio to a new station, whereas with satellite, the footprint can cover thousands of square miles.

XM Radio is one of the two largest American satellite radio broadcasters. They broadcast over 150 programmes of all kinds like sports, traffic, weather, music of all decades and comedy.

The principal area of their broadcasting activities though is music. After all, that is what most people like to listen to while they are driving or working at home or in the yard.

The music of XM Radio is wide-ranging, catering for the requirements of every music ever recorded. For example, of the sixty-eight music channels, there are channels that play music from only one decade: from the Forties to the Noughties!

Then, transversing those barriers of time, there are music channels that only play Rock and Roll or only play Bee Bop or only play the Blues. There are also channels that only play new records.

The first difficulty with working out which was the first hybrid vehicle, is deciding what the term ‘hybrid vehicle’ means. For example, a barge being pulled by a horse with the current of the canal could be construed as a hybrid vehicle. However, most individuals these days will agree that a true hybrid vehicle utilizes a ‘rechargeable energy storage system’ or an RESS.

For instance, this could define a vehicle that uses one form of propulsion, such as an internal combustion engine as its main kind of propulsion, whilst that engine recharges batteries that can also be used to power an electric engine.

I am certain that it will surprise 90% + of people to hear that the history of hybrid vehicles is almost as long as the history of automobiles themselves. Porsche is a famous make of expensive sports cars, but in 1898 Ferdinand Porsche, a young Czech student, designed the Loher-Porsche one-cylinder internal combustion engine.

How Much Can A Truck Driver Earn?

Are you looking around for a new job? Or have you ever thought about how much a truck operator earns? If the adverts in the truckers’ magazines are to be believed, it is easy to get a driving job paying $100,000 a year as an owner driver.

This may be true, but it is definite that you can make a good living by owning and operating your own truck. There are several valid reasons for this. There is a deteriorating shortage of people who are prepared to drive long distances and stay away from home for a night or more and yet more goods are being imported and so have to be distributed from docks to distribution depots.