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Thailand: My First Night In Pattaya

It was seven-ish and I was sitting in a pleasant-enough room overlooking the front doorway to the pub above which I had just moved in. The pub was the Pig and Whistle on Soi 7 in Pattaya. Across the lane was a big hole, which they were hoping to construct a hotel in and next door to that, right opposite me, was a tiny bar with one woman sitting on a stool outside it. Not that there was a wall there, it was open on two sides. The Soi was nice and quiet, I thought. I also thought that I might go and sit in that little bar and talk to that lady, if my friend was late, because I would definitely see him arrive from two metres away, the width of the Soi.

Many serious sports bettors consider the futures wager the province of rank amateurs trying to go for the big killing. They’re the sports betting equivalent of the wanna-be stock investor who always gripes if only I had bought Microsoft when they went public. They’re not the type who’ll do the work to grind out profits in the market, nor are they forward thinking enough to find the next big company to go public. They’d rather lay some money on a high priced dog and hope for the best, which seldom (if ever) occurs. Right now at some sportsbooks a $100 bet on the Cincinnati Bengals to win the 2010 Superbowl will pay back $10,000. The problem is that the true odds of Cincinnati winning the Superbowl are probably in the range of 50,000 to 1 which makes the +10000 you’re getting in this bet a bad value from the get-go.

Amongst all the cities in the world, New York rates high as one of those that people would be excited to be in. Some of the landmarks in USA are in Manhattan. These include the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, Times Square and Broadway.

A visit to Manhattan is tantamount to a history and culture excursion. Take advantage of all the famous locations and surroundings whenever you are visiting Manhattan for whichever reason.

Courtesy of the Empire State Building, you can have a 360-degree panorama view of the whole of New York City from an observatory. One of the Seven Great Wonder of the World is the Empire state.

There is an intersection at Broadway and Seventh Avenue. This intersection is commonly known as Time Square and is a symbol of NYC and the whole of USA in a way.

Playboy Satellite Radio

Satellite radio has truly taken off in some parts of the world, particularly in countries with a large land mass. Places like America, Canada, Europe and Australia, places where it is hard to realize national coverage with traditional terrestrial radio broadcasting without hundreds of expensive sub-stations to boost the signal.

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, satellite radio is here to stay for several reasons. First of all, satellite radio is digital and therefore is able to deliver sound of very high quality. Terrestrial digital radio can do that too, you might say.

Yes, that is true, but the coverage of terrestrial digital radio is rather small which means tht if you are driving a long distance, you will have to keep retuning your radio to a new station, whereas with satellite, the footprint can cover thousands of square miles.

XM Radio is one of the two largest American satellite radio broadcasters. They broadcast over 150 programmes of all kinds like sports, traffic, weather, music of all decades and comedy.

The principal area of their broadcasting activities though is music. After all, that is what most people like to listen to while they are driving or working at home or in the yard.

The music of XM Radio is wide-ranging, catering for the requirements of every music ever recorded. For example, of the sixty-eight music channels, there are channels that play music from only one decade: from the Forties to the Noughties!

Then, transversing those barriers of time, there are music channels that only play Rock and Roll or only play Bee Bop or only play the Blues. There are also channels that only play new records.

Costa Rica And Gay Vacation Deals

When talking about gay travel to Costa Rica, gay communities all over the world have lots of great things to say. If you want to get away for a fabulous break in a stunning part of the world, Costa Rica has it all. This Central American country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua, and the Caribbean Sea.

The sea water is clear and pure, and the surrounding beauty is awesome. The atmosphere is laid-back and the pace is slow and seductive. This tiny country attracts over 1.5 millions visitors each year. Weather conditions are quite varied for such a small place. For instance, the highlands are cold, San Jose and the Central Valley are mild throughout the year, and the coastline is always sweltering.