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The first difficulty with working out which was the first hybrid vehicle, is deciding what the term ‘hybrid vehicle’ means. For example, a barge being pulled by a horse with the current of the canal could be construed as a hybrid vehicle. However, most individuals these days will agree that a true hybrid vehicle utilizes a ‘rechargeable energy storage system’ or an RESS.

For instance, this could define a vehicle that uses one form of propulsion, such as an internal combustion engine as its main kind of propulsion, whilst that engine recharges batteries that can also be used to power an electric engine.

I am certain that it will surprise 90% + of people to hear that the history of hybrid vehicles is almost as long as the history of automobiles themselves. Porsche is a famous make of expensive sports cars, but in 1898 Ferdinand Porsche, a young Czech student, designed the Loher-Porsche one-cylinder internal combustion engine.

However, this engine was utilized to drive an electric generator, the electricity from which was employed to power electric motors which were affixed to every of the four wheels. The petrol engine was used just to generate electricity for the electric motors in this early example.

This early hybrid was presented at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 and was capable of travelling at 35 mph (56 kph). In 1901, Porsche drove it himself to win the Exelberg Rally. After this they sold more than 300 units of their primitive hybrid car. Mass production had not been thought of yet and rich individuals were still sceptical about the new, smelly technology.

1959 was the next landmark in the history or hybrids because petrol was not expensive and few individuals, if any, foresaw the future for the world and the environment. Anyway, the car developed, the Henney Kilowatt used the early transistors or those days to regulate the flow of electricity. This was the real precursor to modern hybrid cars.

One of the developers of the Henney Kilowatt was Victor Wauk and he was concerned with the process of experimenting with electric cars in the Sixties and Seventies. Occasionally, he is called the Godfather of Hybrid Vehicles.

It is fairly remarkable, but the regenerative braking system used by modern hybrids to help recharge a hybrid’s batteries was developed in 1978 by the electrical engineer, David Arthurs..

It then took until president Bill Clinton took the initiative to instigate the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles in 1993. It involved the Dept of Energy, Chrysler, ford, GM and one or two others. G. W. Bush replaced this scheme with his own FreedomCar Initiative in 2001.

This initiative was designed to fund extraordinarily risky or difficult projects for the development of hybrid cars. It has taken us more than 100 years to revive the initial hybrid concept but we only did that because we were compelled to do it.

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