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There are no shortage of Overnight Summer Camps. These traditional camps offer similar programs, activities and adventures for your child. Specialty camps offer activities that emphasize a particular area of interest or have a subject theme. If your youngster is ready, he or she can take advantage of an overnight resident summer camp, which provides opportunities for learning independence while still setting certain boundaries.

One of the most frequently suggested kinds of summer camps are traditional camps, especially if your child is new to camping. Traditional camps offer a wide variety of familiar activities that focus on fun, cameraderie, teamwork, and learning. Unlike most summer schools, camps offer opportunities for growth free of stress and pressure for higher measured achievement.

Specialty camps such as academic adventure camps provide opportunities for high school students to learn academic topics in a camp setting. The good thing about academic adventure camps is that they also offer travel programs and possible college credit after completing the program.

AttendingScience Summer Camps often help the camper find a different approach to science when ideas are explored in a structured way surrounded by nature.

Tech summer camps offer technology education where adolescents can develop different skills in graphic design, web design, game creation, programming languages, robot building and others.

Art camps and performing art resident camps are best for children who love the arts. These camps offer programs in visual art, theater, music, dance, circus art, speech and debate and others.

Experts say independence should be established slowly and in an environment where the price of mistakes is not high. This way, your child can learn different skills such as caring for others, working hard to meet goals, making good decisions, searching for information they need to make the right choices and being responsible for his or her own actions. These skills cannot be learned or developed instantly – your child needs a variety of experienced activities in order to learn.

Choosing the right summer camp for your child can be quite difficult but the rewards are priceless. A free website, www.summercampadvice.com, is designed purely for the purpose of helping parents and campers choose the best possible summer camp. This user-friendly site has comprehensive guidance information and questions to ask the directors and staff of any given camp when you contact or meet them.

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