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by Christos Chalfont

According to our legal system, failing to name the driver of your vehicle when it has an accident is a greater crime than being in the accident while driving the car yourself!

Several cases are stuck in court when people fail to name their drivers, and though it might seem a very brave thing to do, it is seriously foolish decision! Accidents are quite common happenings, and though serious sometimes, even the best drivers really cant avoid them.

When more serious accidents happen, it is quite a common occurrence for the driver to flee the scene and leave the car. However when the car is found it is traced back to the owner who then has to identify who was driving the car when the accident took place, but if they dont, then they face two charges. One is failing to name the driver and the other is causing the accident.

Many people dont even know the address of their drivers, and the only contact is a mobile phone number, which can just be disposed off in a trash can! So there is a learning here ” if you are employing a driver, make sure that you know all his details and if necessary, get them verified from a third party agency, so that you are not at fault when something untoward happens.

Every year there are thousands of cases where an accident has happened and the owner of the vehicle says he doesnt know who was driving the car at the time. This is almost always resolved by a witness to the crash identifying the driver who then gets fined for the crash, and the owner of the vehicle gets charged with failure to name the driver, the latter of which carries the greater punishment.

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