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by Angelica Dunce

Fear of driving can develop in just about anyone. It basically all comes down to the type of driving experience the people have had. Some people never get over the bad experiences.

We can not say that this phobia affects people from a particular gender, age group, religion or race. Anyone can end up developing this sort of fear.

If that is the case, the fear is usually the result of an incident that involved the person in questions. The accident is very traumatic in nature. Therefore, the affect is enormous.

Overall, the main cause of the development of this fear is some really bad and scary experience as a driver.

It could be that the affected was involved in an accident in which their car hit another one up front. The accident might be over. However, due to the severity of the event, images can still flash through the mind of the driver.

All of this result basically results in the experience of intense panic and anxiety while driving. Panic attacks are more likely if the affected happens to pass the area where the event took place. The fear that engulfs the affected during these panic attacks can be bad enough that makes the affected give up driving altogether.

You do not have to be in the car to be affected by the accident. Pedestrians that happen to be victims of the unfortunate event may also end developing fear of driving.

They might become scared of driving because they are fearful that they might end up putting someone else in the same situation. These people might also give up the idea of driving all together.

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