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Planning Gay Holidays To Peru

by Howie Holben

For most people, the best gay travel is a way to take time away from the stresses of daily life. Vacations also allow us to do and see things we wouldn’t normally experience. But, many people want even more from their vacations and travel experiences.

Some people want to move toward more balance in their life. They want more than just a quick, temporary release from life’s stresses. They want to be more in touch with their spirit and their heart. If this is what you seek, try a gay vacation to magical Peru’s Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu for your next vacation.

Peru’s Sacred Valley is in the heart of the Andes Mountains. The surrounding villages are known for their Inca ruins and the mystical powers these places are reported to contain. In the Sacred Valley you can truly find peace, serenity and a chance to reflect. An exeperience you will remember.

If you’re traveling to the area, a great place to stay and one that caters specifically to gay travel is the Kamaquen Retreat Center. Complete with essential elements of the Andean culture and spiritual lifestyle, this is the ultimate place to reconnect with yourself and begin a path of self discovery and enlightenment.

Visiting Machu Picchu while in Peru is a must! It’s only a short distance to Machu Picchu from the Sacred Valley. From the moment you enter Machu Picchu, the energy of the site embraces you. You cannot be there and not have your spirit be touched.

There many places on the grounds of Machu Picchu that are perfect just to sit and meditate. It is easy to become one with Machu Picchu and to absorb it’s spiritual energy. Many people have had life changing revelations just being at Machu Picchu. Gay tours to Peru can change your life.

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