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by Dylan McThomas

If you have ever moved house or moved office, or just a general need to transport goods from location to location, then you will have needed to use packaging materials of some description. There are two main constructions of cardboard box, single wall and double wall.

Single wall boxes are built up of one layer of cardboard and one layer of fluting. They are perfect for transporting goods, particularly when the weight of the objects isn’t too great.

Double walled boxes are constructed as follows; a layer of cardboard, a layer of fluting, a layer of cardboard, another layer of fluting, and another layer of cardboard. These boxes are perfect for storing, courier posting or manually transporting heavier bulkier items.

Double walled boxes cost more than single walled to start with, but they last much longer as they can support far more weight and are therefore more durable.

If you need to package light items then after choosing a suitable box, they can then be supported inside that box using loosefill or as they’re more commonly known wotsits (but they dont taste nearly as good and are white!) Loosefill is ideal for protection of items that do not weight too much, heavier items however should be wrapped with bubble wrap before boxing and loosefilling.

Bubble wrap is an excellent way of padding you items against damage, but it also provides protection to items surrounding the heavy, bubble wrapped item. It is cheap to buy and so is a cost effective way to ensure no damage is done.

Another cost effective method of safely packaging fragile or heavy items is to use corrugated paper, which is sometimes referred to as protection paper or wavy paper. It costs around the same as bubble wrap and comes in a variety of widths to suit whatever you need to pack.

The important thing to remember is that no matter what you are planning to transport, there is a suitable packaging medium to do the job for you. Correctly used, your goods will arrive at their destination in one piece without any problems. All that is required is to make sure that you use packaging materials suitable for your application.

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