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Morocco private tour is a magical and mystical journey through centuries of ancient and more modern history. This is the most western, Mediterranean and ocean fronted African nation. Moroccan lore is deep; the people warm and funny, the food and music lulling, spicy, exceptional. Fantastic buildings and ruins await you as you uncover the treasures of this marvelous place. It is all to be enjoyed and savored.

The changeable Moroccan landscape from the burnt orange desert sands to the lovely bluish nights and purple sea are made to be filmed and photographed. Gorgeous people shrouded in hand dyed fabric chatter endlessly while trading. Warm afternoons are slow paced; quiet. Fabulous literature from this region plays up the lore and fiction of its people with a great emphasis upon the setting of starry skies, endless beaches and dunes, colorful textiles, jewelry, heated tempers and multiple dialects and cultures.

Visit the imperial cities of this kingdom and discover the mysterious, bejeweled treasures of the ancient capitals. Fes, is 9th century and a cultural center and home to the oldest university on Earth, founded in 859. A visit to Marrakesh, about which Joni Mitchell sang, which was founded during the 11th century, and is famous for its trade, intrigue, food, wine, and other delights. The architecture and beauty of Moroccan design is rapturous. Fabrics, dishes, doors, and people are decorated.

The country’s capital, Rabat, from the twelfth century is poised on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg and has a shipping port as well as capital buildings and foreign embassies. The city lies across the river from Sale and together with Casablanca they form one of the most densely populated areas.

Be prepared for a range of exceptional activities when visiting and touring. Cultural sightseeing of the museums and monuments abounds. There are also modern stores as well as markets for shopping including the famous souks where weaving, pottery, yarn, trinkets, carpets and so forth are found aplenty. Walking around the kasbahs and medinas is pure music and joy. A trek excursion to the snow-capped Atlas mountains by camel is a great way to see the land. You may want to enjoy learning to dance Moroccan dances or to cook the cuisine with local ingredients.

Let a comfortable air conditioned van pick you up at the airport. Tours are designed this way. Then continue on bikes, camels, and by foot. Special trips leave from Spain, cross the Strait and leave the traveler agape at the shores of Morocco. A good read of William Burroughs or the letters of Paul Bowles before you arrive is always thrilling. These writers exiled here.

A mix of Arab, Berber, and French cultures, a trip to this country needs to take in daily cultures as well as the relics of ancient regimes, the Saharan Desert with its high temperatures and dunes, and especially the sea. Mysteries lie in the heart of Tangiers, Casablanca, and small coastal towns.

Lastly, a Moroccan private tour would not be complete with out the modern trance music, chabbi, a kick boxing match, or a plate of luscious desert dates under the palms. Local bars, clubs and eateries abound and best of all, talking to people makes the trip worth it.

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