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by Vince Paxton

When it comes to considering places for you to go on vacation, you will want to consider the weather. As for Malaga weather and climate, you will find that it is acceptable all year long. You will notice that the sun is out most of the time and there is little rain fall in the summer. You should consider the following when planning your vacation.

For those who like to stay in the sun, you will want to go to Malaga in the summertime. You will find that it is very popular for others to come during the summer. It does get very hot and that is one of the best qualities about the area. You will find that autumn is the perfect time if you prefer it to be sunny, but not scorching hot. You will find that there are some cold spots and snow falls, but the wintertime is just as good as any time to go to Malaga.

Spring time happens to be a very nice time when it comes to visiting the local and the surrounding cities. It is simply because of the mild, warm temperatures. It is very comfortable in Spain during the springtime, in general. It is also the perfect time to take in the local beauty and not feel the hot, hot sun. You will find that August is the hottest month in Malaga, but then it tends to get more comfortable weather.

During august and July, you will find that it is the busiest time of the year for Malaga. You will also notice that June and July have more humidity. Don’t be alarmed if you see thick sea fog that makes the city feel even hotter. You will also find that during the month of August, there will be some hit-and-miss rain showers and thunderstorms; however, they occur mostly at night.

As for the autumn season, you will notice that the region remains very warm. September will remain warmer; however, as October comes and goes it will continue to get colder. Although, snowfall is very rare for most parts of Spain, it is possible. You will also notice that there are some areas that generally have more rain than others; however, Malaga will still be a pleasant experience after fall.

As for the winter months, you will notice that it is very rainy and some areas will begin to see some flooding. However, you will want to keep in mind that only seven days of the month are expected to rain. It will vary from year to year; however, some years have more than others. It is still very lovely to see the town in the late fall, winter season. Keep in mind that the temperatures are mild and snow is very rare when it comes to Spain.

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