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When living in the big city security is a major issue. Those planning to move to the big city always have one question in mind, is New York City safe? The reason behind this is that an individual prefers an area where security is guaranteed. An area where the rate of crime is low and they can live in peace without disturbances from criminals and lawbreakers.

Being the home of the New York stock exchange, New York City can be said to be an economic giant in the United States. Having millions of transactions amounting to billions even trillions of dollars each day the area is the home to many jobs. This also makes it a suitable place in the offices of global brands. Due to this, it is home to many residents who find employment in these corporations. This makes the residents conscious of security.

The city however, has its divisions. There are those areas where the rich, powerful and mighty live. In such areas, the security is high. This is attributed to the fact that residents in such places have invested extra capital into security systems and facilities. Those with lesser income live in areas where crime rates are higher. This makes the areas a bit unsafe.

The disparity of these areas in terms of security makes it hard to determine the overall security of the area. However, it is important to note that the New York City police department an efficient force working around the clock ensuring that citizens are safe. This allows an individual to enjoy life in the area feeling secure at all times.

There are many areas in this town that one may consider unsafe or insecure. Such places include the subway system. However, the area has ensured that these areas are secure. This has been done by the installation of closed circuit television cameras. These cameras have been strategically placed in the station monitoring people. This has done a lot to reduce cases of vandalism and crime in the subway thus contributing to the increase of security in the area.

However, it is important to realize that every city has its downfalls as well as the good parts. It is unrealistic to expect a town to have a zero percent crime rate. The presence of disparities and unemployment will always facilitate the need for crime. To some, crime is their means of survival. Hence, it is best to judge based on the level of crimes and their nature.

In this area, most crimes revolve around petty things such as pick pocketing, white-collar crimes and burglary occasionally. These are crimes that are easily avoidable by an individual All they have to do is exercise extra caution in public places. This extra caution goes a long way in ensuring the personal security of an individual and avoiding loss.

Is New York City safe? This question will remain indefinite. Based on the different lifestyles people in the city live it is hard to reach a common deciding factor. These disparities lead to a difference in views. Hence, these views depending on what side they came from are biased.

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