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by Johnny N. Cook

Fears are psychological crisis that needs attention, one of which is the fear to drive a vehicle. Dealing with this kind, is just as well distressing.

Any fear, to tell the truth is a horrifying dilemma that, to a great extent manipulates the standard of living. The people surrounding them are also affected in so unimaginably ways anyone can think of if not familiar with the fear.

There could be copious disadvantages having this kind of mental condition. The person suffering from this chaos will find life so difficult to grip. One good example is to have to ride the public transportation where you, like everybody else needs to wait for the bus in an overcrowded bus station only to get the ride with a bus full of different types of people.

Unfortunately, having to ask someone to give you a ride could really make you feel so vulnerable at times. This kind of routine however, is anticipated with those kinds of people.

Riding the public transportation is a good example of the inconvenience of having experience this type of fear. It is of course expected that they would have to intermingle with a lot of rushing people in the busy streets or bus stations, not to mention that there are times they would have to go earlier than everyone else if they want that front seat.

Moreover, there are also times the person would rather stay home than asking someone at home to drop them wherever they need to go. Sometimes they would also feel a burden to their family.

The truth is that dependence to anyone is not always guaranteed. There might be times when the people around them seem to just take them for granted. After all they would think, these people are not invalid.

Surely driving phobia will make your life so thorny and unhappy.

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