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by Galen S. Kendrick

JitterBug Mobile phone is something which you should try if you intend to buy a mobile phone for use by a senior. If the senior is refusing to use a mobile because of ever increasing confusion and complexity in the use of mobile phones, the JitterBug phone will give be a bit of a surprise.

These phones are made especially for those who are seniors and have eye problems. They are provided with bright and big push buttons, excellent background lighting, and large letters. These features make the phone very easy to use. With big rubber cushioning for the ear piece, there will be no hindrance for using hearing aids.

The sound is very clear and sharp and volume can be made very high. Samsung make these phones and therefore is full technological backup.

The Jitterbug phone when bought is ready for being used. It has the old fashioned dial tone also. There is an operator of the company always who will help the seniors who will make calls for them.

Voice mail feature may cause a bit of a scare in some people. Menus of voice mail confuse even younger people therefore it is not surprising that senior gets confused. JitterBug however makes things easier.

Voice mail system has been simplified to answering to questions either in the positive or negative. This is no problem even for people who are scared of technology.

The battery comes with a talk time continuously of 3 hours which no senior is in need of. Adequate advance warning about weakening of the battery with both the beep and text message is available.

These phones have prepaid plans through Sprint Wireless. This network has plans for making a lot of improvements in the service provided by them. You will get very good satisfaction by buying Jitterbug cell phone for use by seniors.

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