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Is New York City Safe For People

Is New York City safe? That is the one question that many travelers ask and they do deserve an answer to this question. More than 11 years ago this place was attacked and because of this many individuals are very concerned when going there. When walking on the streets or visiting famous places a person’s alert may go up.

This state has enforced more security measures since that terrible act years ago but they must still be concerned on how the enemy can strike. Well visited sites are first on the list to have more security around and inside of them. The town deals with massive amounts of people who may want to walk through the Statue Of Liberty, the airports or the Empire State Building.

When the Empire State Building first started construction in 1929 it has always been looked at as a place of wonder. There are 102 floors inside of it and it homes a large Observatory which is the main reason why people come. It’s security has always been a main factor for the state. An individual will witness the added security officers when entering the location. But don’t be surprised if some of the visitors are police dressed in plain clothes.

People must pass through a check point before entering the lobby. Be ready to have all items brought inside scanned and given a list of rules to follow before going to the Observatory. There is direct contact between the police department and the Empire State Building in case someone wants to bring an unnecessary evil inside of it.

The great French Lady also known as the Statue Of Liberty has her own security system in place. The procedures are quite similar to the Empire State Building. Purses and carry on bags are checked to the extreme and glass bottles are prohibited. Ellis Island also has a friendly tie with the police in town so beware of doing anything wrong.

This state has had a major headache in dealing with the safety of the airports since 2001. There are many airports in this state and some of the major ones are LaGuardia, JFK International, Buffalo Niagara International, Stewart International and a host of others. Keeping all of these places secure was the major task since 911.

Very much like the buildings mentioned earlier an individual must go through a check point before boarding a plane. These screenings are very time consuming and sometimes requires a person to take off certain items of clothing. The airports have also added devices that can detect bombs and other items of malice. Security dogs which can locate certain items can also be spotted in these places.

The major question of is New York City safe can be answered only in time but people need to know for their own sake. When traveling by the subways or buses you may spot a police officer along for the ride. They have placed the police on many of the street corners and underground. Another important factor in safety has also been the neighborhood watch programs that people have added to their locations. All of these things make for a more secure state that welcomes all visitors.

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