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Have you ever thought about running a wedding car business? Although it can be demanding, because you do not want to let anybody down on their big day, it is also fascinating and exciting.

Some of the benefits are that you get to own good-looking vehicles – maybe a Rolls Royce or a Bentley and they are tax-deductible; you meet new people under happy circumstances and you are in the position to help them have a wonderful wedding day.

It is a very demanding industry, because you always have to bear in mind the requirements of your clients and think about how you can fulfill and extend their’ wishes. That is hard enough, but you also have to stay viable. I hope that the following tips will be useful.

1] Take care of the conditions under which you store your vehicles. If you can afford to garage them, they will not collect dust and bird droppings so the paintwork will look better for longer. Do not have a gravel drive, because of possible scratching to the coachwork of the cars.

2] Get one or two really lovely cars. You will need to do a bit of research to find out what couples in your area like, but as a rule of thumb a Rolls Royce or a Bentley are sure bets. Or maybe a stretch limousine. Old vehicles go down well too. Build up your fleet of cars step by step but increasingly. Offer your clients as much choice as you can realistically afford to do.

Many wedding couples will not only require the wedding car, but also vehicles for the guests. Many of them want limousines or old vehicles for their wedding day. But a lot of other vehicles are required for the guests. Be adaptable and consent to bedeck the cars according to the couple’s wishes with flowers and ribbons.

3] Employ good, sympathetic personnel. A fully trained chauffeur is a necessity, but a military style chauffeur can add to your firm’s image.

4] It is a good idea to offer different packages or elements that a couple can use to build a package. So, you could offer transportation from the bride’s house to the church as one element. From the church to the restaurant as another element and from there to the chosen hotel, the airport or the railway station, as another element.

5] Make certain that your clients know exactly how long they have exclusive use of the vehicles for. This is useful for them, so that they know exactly how long they have to take photos, eat or chat.

Transport plays a huge and vital part in any wedding day celebrations. In fact, poorly timed or scruffy transportation can ruin a wedding day. If you let that happen, your firm’s standing will suffer badly, particularly in a town or village. You will need a high sense of responsibility; reliable, well-trained, sensitive staff and high quality cars that look the part. White wedding cars are popular, but other colours are acceptable, especially for the guests.

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