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How to Make Money from Photography

Photography is one of those areas where you really need to be good at it in order to make a living out of it. Being good at it not only means owning an expensive DSLR camera but also knowing how to use the different settings and when to use them. There are plenty of people that purchase high quality photos so they can freely use them for personal or commercial use. Whether it is pictures of London hotels or anything that is a sight to see, every nice photo taken has potential for profit generation. Fortunately, being a professional photographer isn’t a hard a requirement if you just want to make some extra money on the side.

If you want to get started, you can search for stock photo websites so you have an idea on how amateur photographers make money. Stock photo sites are special directories that have a catalog of photos of various subjects. You can search the entire database of folders or browse the folders by categories. For instance, typing “hotel London” should reveal some nice looking pictures of hotels in London . Clicking on a photo should enlarge the photo.

Every photo has an attached price tag where the amount depends on how high the resolution is. People buy very high resolution photos so they can print on larger media such as posters and billboards. You should keep this in mind if you hope to make more money by selling less. At the same time, you have to remember the large amount of photos that are freely available online so make sure you do your best in taking the photo. This means that making money from photography using this method is a rather slow process.

You can accelerate this process by posting the photo in various stock photo sites so you reach out to as many people as possible. There might be some individuals that are looking for pictures of London hotels in other sites where you haven’t uploaded yours. Before you spread out your stock photos, make sure one of them is properly posted. Add a description and outfit it with as many keyword phrases as possible. “Hotel London” can be considered one keyword but your London hotels photos can get even more exposure if you add more generic keywords like “London scenery”.

Once you are a bit more confident with your photography abilities, you can transition to being a freelance photographer where you manage your own personal online business and serve anyone who wants to make special photo requests. People often make these types of requests if they cannot find certain pictures in free domains and stock photo sites. Come up with a website of your photography business and make sure it has a gallery section so others can see your work. Then market the website so you can get a following.

Remember that while you work on your photography business, your stock photos still remain on the stock photo websites waiting for purchases. This is why you should take the stock photo route before you do anything else with your photography if you want to make money.

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