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by Steve Woodward

During the early 1990’s Croatia was a country that was not on top of everyone’s list as a tourist attraction because of the war taken place there. However, today it is now a completely different story and visitors are flocking once more to this beautiful country.

Most tourists travel to Croatia to enjoy its beautiful well kept beaches and wander around it unspoilt villages. But yet there are plenty of other things for one to do and see when visiting this country and which will provide you with further insight into the country’s turbulent past.

Most people generally when they travel to Croatia either visit its capital Zagreb which is made it back in 1557. They also are now finding just how beautiful other parts of the country are including Dubrovnik and Split.

With Zagreb the Croatians have managed to successfully blend the old with the new. Today one is still able to look and enjoy the Austro-Hungarian architecture for which the city is famous. But also one can spend time wander around the many new boutiques which sell all the latest fashions to be found both in Paris and Milan.

Dubrovnik is a city where you can almost feel as time has stood still. As you wander along the steeped cobbled streets in the Stari Grad area of the city or just stop to admire the views in one of its marble paved squares you get a sense of the city’s history. Although the city was severely damaged during the war especially in 1991 and 1992 considerable amounts of time and money have been spent on restoring the buildings to their form glory.

To really appreciate everything that the city has to offer then spend time wandering along the city walls surrounding it. Constructed during the 13th and 16th Centuries these have helped to protect the city throughout its history and if you climb one of the 16 towers along its length it provides you with panoramic views over the city. But these towers are not for the faint hearted as they are 82 feet tall.

Generally when it comes to visiting Croatia the best time of year is in the spring and early summer. Although the chances of it raining are much higher the temperatures will not have reached the stifling ones that you will get throughout the summer months.

However, if you do intend visiting Croatia in the summer then heading towards one of its coastal resorts should be considered. Not only will you be able to enjoy fabulous sunshine but the cool breezes will help to keep the temperatures down a degree or two. But you still need to remember to back the sun cream as well. But even in the winter these areas of Croatia can be extremely pleasing as well as the sea stores the heat during the summer to then release it back onto the land as winter comes and actually heats up the air.

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