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by Steve Woodward

Although Bulgaria has often become associated in recent years with being a place where students go for cheap holidays. This beautiful country has so much now to offer to those who are looking for somewhere different for their next holiday.

Many people are now visiting this Eastern European country because it has some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in the world. Plus there is lots for one to do and see whilst visiting this up and coming tourist resort. Today you have the chance to explore its countryside either by hiking along the well maintained trails or going on a horse riding trek.

Compared to other countries in Europe the weather in Bulgaria is very temperate, but does have extremes. During the summer it is hot and dry, whilst during the winter months it becomes cold and damp. To avoid these extremes in the weather it is best to visit Bulgaria between the months of April and the middle of June.

But for those that do like the sun then June through to September is the perfect time for holidaying in Bulgaria. Although this is also the height of the tourist season and so accommodation costs will rise and it’s crucial that book yours well in advance of your holiday dates. This is even more important if you choose to holiday at any one of Bulgaria’s Black Sea Resorts.

If you would prefer to see another side of what Bulgaria has to offer then why not consider booking some holiday time to the country in September. This is when autumn is starting to come in and the colors of the countryside begin to change and you can eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you want. Plus you will find that getting the accommodation you want much easier and will be a lot cheaper.

If you intend to go skiing because the resorts that Bulgaria now have are growing in popularity so booking well in advance is essential. The main ski season occurs in this country from the middle of December and can run through well into April, but this is dependent on what the weather has been like.

To get to Bulgaria could not be any simpler as you will soon discover nearly every major airport in Europe is offering direct flights to Sofia Airport. Along with Bulgaria Air (the national airline that took over from Balkan Airlines in 2002) many of the top budget airlines in Europe have regular flights to Bulgaria as well.

If you intend to visit Bulgaria by car then you need to be aware that a tax will be levied on your vehicle as you cross the border into the country and as you leave again. So arrange to have plenty of small currency with you before you go.

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