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Self guided NYC tours occur when persons tour by themselves without either using a trained tour guide or taking a tour vehicle. One has an opportunity to focus on areas of attention and a chance to explore the diversity offered by the city. Exploration journeys can be carried by an individual or more persons.

Self guided tours require one to be well equipped with tour items so as to avoid getting stuck on the way. A recent print of New York City map showing the pass ways and scenes is appropriate to create aforethought and also as a guide. Audio files are available on the internet for downloading to enhance the touring experience. Virtual guides are available on the internet.

One type of this explore is the tailored tour whereby tourists are offered a choice of packages to decide on which to take. A package comes along with a tour map, relevant itinerary and a turn to turn direction. They are based on the mileage and the time for the tours say a three hour trip may take about three hours.

New York City contains a diversity of appealing features. The Central park art and architectural work is an example that covers the zoo, Carousel and Rink, and the three thousand five hundred years of age Obelisk castle that gives a clear view of the park. The statues of Hans Christian Andersen and Alice in Wonderland may be taken photos for remembrance. Tourists can take a ride the greatest carousel in the United States. Vacationers are mainly attracted by the Empire state Building of Manhattan among other sites.

Timing is significant in preparing for a tour. Touring may be difficult during extreme weather conditions such as temperatures below twenty four or above ninety five degrees Celsius or during heavy rainstorms and snowstorms. Except in extreme weather times a tours can be done in all the four seasons.

Pictures of appealing sites may be taken thus necessitating carrying of video and photo cameras. Carrying a tour clock will help ensure good timing of the tour. Wearing comfortable shoes for walking and dressing for the weather need to be done.

Families travelling with children are warned to take care of their children especially in sites with lots of people such as the Central Park in summer season. Lonely walks in the night at the park are discouraged unless in groups coming into and out of the park. It is advised that tourists plan and equip themselves well before touring.

A self guided tour is better than a trained guide one due to many reasons. The tourist has the freedom to tour on places they would like to see at their pace and visit areas of interest. It is also more personalized than the guided one that needs booking and is relatively costly.

Self guided NYC tours are increasing day by day and are sustained by the advancing technology and the urge of meeting personal interests. The sparkling NYC attracts millions of people yearly due to the wide variety available to tour. A well self guided tour through the appealing, trilling and distinctive spots gives one a wonderful experience for life.

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