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by Chris Channing

Owning a private jet is a commitment. Foremost, it is a commitment of a vast sum of money that most just simply don’t have. That isn’t to say that the private jet is forever elusive, as schemes such as the fractional ownership plan have allowed low budgets to obtain private jets too.

A company that specializes in fractional jet ownership will also go through the means of outlining what kind of schedule the private jet will follow. If the company offers the option of mediating between needs and wants of other investors in the group, be sure to take them up on the offer. It’s nice to have a third party mediation facility if any disputes over the jet are brought forth by others.

If it turns out you didn’t need a private jet after all, and you are looking to sell your share, that is a possibility with companies that manage fractional ownership schemes. A private jet charter that does this can liquidate a specific share in the jet and offer fair market value for it. Keep in mind that the fact that jets are subject to wear and deprecation, and that you will not get what you put into the venture.

A managed private jet charter service will also setup a way to get a jet charter when the jet you paid for is tied up. When dividing the ownership between as many as ten people or more, you will likely have to find an alternate solution for emergencies. Ask your private jet charter service what they can offer for emergency flights.

Find out about all fees before signing the papers. This can’t be stressed enough, as there will still be periodic fees for the maintenance of the jet. The massive amount of money it takes to finance these operations will be considerably less since you only own a fraction of the jet, but be aware that there are still fees. Keep some room in your budget to pay them upfront after finding out the estimated costs.

The proof of a good service is in the pudding. Ask to see testimonials from real customers, and references if you feel to press the matter further. Call up on some references and see what kind of experience or advice the person would give if they had to do it all over again. You can learn some valuable tips, or even find something out that the private jet charter didn’t clue you in on at the meeting.

In Conclusion

Finding a private jet charter that does fractional ownership isn’t always easy, since it’s a niche of an already targeted industry. Private jet companies will be glad to do the consulting for you if they don’t already have services set in stone, so long as you ask nicely.

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