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by Barry A. Delatorre

Who doesn’t love food? In fact it is one of man’s preoccupations. Many believe that we live to eat and not eat to live. As students and working class we are always on the lookout for cheap places that serve good, tasty and fresh food which is affordable for people like us. If you are wondering how to find such places, read on and we will tell you how.

If you follow the menu of the restaurants around, you will see that most often during weekends they announce special buffet or mean for two schemes etc. These are fixed price discounted offers where you get a sumptuous spread with unlimited food. Such offers are always the ones you should go for.

Should you decide to have only one or two dishes and not more, and then buffet will not be of any use to you. You might also find it costlier than ordering a la carte and paying only for those dishes that you have ordered.

If you are busy the whole week, then you may as well put together some simple meal at home by yourself and thus save up the money to treat yourself to a special mean over the weekend. Many people do this to enjoy the weekend.

If you have your eyes set on any particular restaurant or a couple of them, then while reading the newspaper specially during weekends, look for the dining section and see if there are any ongoing schemes or discounts. You can get the same information from the websites too.

Most often the good restaurants tie up with malls and offer you free dining coupons or discount coupons when you shop for more than the prescribed amount. This way you get a chance to dine out. But then you have got to read the conditions carefully to ensure that you do not get caught into another scheme that requires you to spend huge amount in the restaurant too to earn a discount.

You can do what most of the students do, which is to order one dish and share it. Most restaurants serve portions that are more than sufficient for one person. Hence it makes sense for two people to share one dish or three people to share two dishes and save on the bill.

When you are in need of saving on everything and cannot afford to splurge on yourself is the time when you will automatically learn ways and methods of eating cheap.

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