What You Need To Know Before You Go

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Booking your family holiday overseas and flying can and should be an enjoyable time of the summer holidays. To keep things running smoothly we offer the following advise.

Long haul flights require a little bit of pre planning and booking the nest seats for you on them is number one on your list. This can be arranged at the booking stage of your flight which is probably the best time to arrange this. A preference for window view or perhaps if you have long legs then an aisle seat would suit you best. Look over the lay out of the seats and select the ones which you and your family like the best.

Anyone who is tarvelling with their children will need to remember and not sit in the emergency rows of the plane as the children will be asked to move seats before take off. Anyone not booking their seat of choice can ask staff on arrival if they can book different seats.

Delays are possible on flights which can not be avoided even for those who plan a meticilous time line planner. A straight through non stop flight might stop many delays as they cut out the stops and delays at other airports making your flight less likely for a delay.

Watch out for pick pockets in the airport terminal. Not everyone is flying out and people will be studying you without your knowlegde as your guard will be down due to holiday mode and feeling safe within the airport.

Remember and check your check in departure time from the airport as this will stop any last minute delays from your plane. Normally now there is a check facility online with low cost airlines with an arrival at the gate by around 40 minutes while other airline still ask passengers to check in at the arrival desks. Either way please ensure you leave enough time to cover all possibilities of arriving late and missing your flight.

Make sure your paperwork is in order before arriving. This will include an up to date passport and health cards. You don’t want to arrive at an airport and be turned away due to incorrect paperwork.

Making sure you have a seat on board a plane by checking into your flight on the web. Have a safe flight.

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