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by Samantha Upbridge

Have you ever heard of boutique hotels? Do you know what a boutique hotel is? Most people have no idea what these hotels are? Take a name brand hotel like the Holiday Inn and take a bed and breakfast inn. Now mix those together and you get your boutique hotel.

Boutique hotels are designed to give their guests something more than a mainstream hotel can provide. What may this be? Personal attention. Boutique hotel owners and employees will go above and beyond to be sure their guests are happy with their room and their stay.

Most boutique hotels are begun through older homes that would either be torn down or turned into museums. For this reason, many of the rooms are not modernized. Owners will need to retrofit the rooms to give guests access to high speed Internet, phone lines, cable service and even private bathrooms especially if they are to compete with those big name hotel giants. Some hotels may even offer room service.

New Orleans boutiques that are housed in old buildings, have been decorated to fit in with the 19th Century era. Some larger boutiques have swimming pools, spas and fitness suites. Rooftop terraces may also be avialable. Restaurants and bars will also be located inside the hotel.

Themes and local culture, artwork and handicrafts play a big impact on a boutique’s decor. This adds a touch of originality and that chain hotels fail to match. This individuality makes them stand out from the chains. If you have ever wondered why all your previous experience at standard hotels have the same resonance, now you know.

While many hotels use their surroundings to come up with a theme, some boutique hotels stick with a time period. One such place is New Orleans. However, there are other places including a hotel in San Francisco. Hotel Union Square has a Prohibition era theme in its rooms and halls. Each room and hallway has a black granite and cream travertine tile.

Other hotels like the owners of the Anasazi Hotel in Santa Fe use its Native American surroundings to decorate the rooms and hallway. Much of it is decorated with some kind of handmade throw rugs and pottery. The Inn of Five Graces, also located in Santa Fe, uses the southwest culture and blends it with the Asian culture.

Giving the enormous range of boutique hotels, and locations, do some research on the web if you plan to visit. Booking all the major cities should be carried out a couple of months in advance. Some boutique hotels are limited in space, from 10-100 rooms. Get your reservation in early to avoid disappointment. Read a few user reviews on the hotel you like before you book.

While the commercial names like The Hilton are catchy and make you think about that particular brand, sometimes a little research finds you staying somewhere you never even thought about. You should realize that you pay for what you get. A boutique room is not cheap but well worth the cash you spend. With all the amenities you get, there’s no need to stay anywhere else.

Do you want something more on your vacation? Then don’t worry about the money try a boutique hotel and see what you are missing.

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