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All these years, unyielding attention has been given to the improvement of pedestrian safety standards. Traffic rules were modified and violators were punished. Sorry to say, the number of accidents has not decrease even with such modifications. In actual fact, the number of accidents has increased in a lot of countries. Although the authorities have considered factors such as reckless driving and increased number of vehicles, improper usage and lack of safety gear still proved to be the number one cause of accidents.

A lot of cyclists have neglected the importance of helmets. It is rare to see a person wearing a bike helmet while cycling down the road. Wearing a helmet is essential because it can save a person from injury or death. If statistics were to be analyzed, it would show that those who were wearing a helmet during the time of the accident have a higher chance of surviving than those who were not wearing a helmet.

This is the primary reason why many public awareness campaigns encourage riders to wear protective helmets while on the road. They make the benefits of wearing safety gear known to the public. They promote safety and security.

Cyclists, even though they were used to riding freely with the wind blowing in their faces, are urged to wear bike helmets. After all, it is also for their welfare. In the past, helmets were big, bulky, and generally uncomfortable to wear. It is also hard to see the peripheral view when wearing a bike helmet; not to mention, they lack proper ventilation, making it hard for riders to breathe normally. During the time when people have finally realized the significance of helmets, it might be too late. Many lives might have already been lost due to negligence of safety gear.

It is a good thing that manufacturers of helmets were finally enlightened; hence, they have started producing helmets that do not only offer protection, but are also comfortable and convenient. They did surveys and took feedback from customers. They made designs that are advantageous to the public. These designs usually feature face-shields that are resistant to scratches, artwork, and provisions for sufficient ventilation. They are lightweight and resistant to fog.

Each bike helmet has a unique characteristic of its own. Brands and companies that manufacture helmets according to the preferences of consumers are naturally patronized. They have gained an increase in sales; and thus, became motivated to produce more.

Protective helmets have truly come a long way from being items that were uncomfortable and inconvenient. A bike helmet now is not only functional but stylish, as well. Even those who are conscious about what they wear can choose helmets that match their outfits. More advanced technology, better designs, and innovative artwork have made them more acceptable to the public. Accidents have also decreased, according to statistics, thanks to these helmets.

Achim Hartmann loves cycling and going to different places. On his free time, he writes articles regarding vehicles and safety paraphernalia. He is particularly into bike helmets or fahrradhelm in his native tongue. In the future, he have plans to talk further about sports gears.

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