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Fugitives Drift was established by David Rattray together with his wife Nicky and built an award winning lodge for travellers to enjoy this remarkable tale. Tragically, in January 2007, David was killed by an intruder but Fugitives Drift is a fantastic legacy to something he developed with his wife Nicky and it still remains today. Rob Caskie has taken over as the primary historian. Like David, Rob speaks fluent Zulu, understands the history inside out and is perhaps the best orator I’ve ever heard.

The two battles that I was fascinated by were the battle at Isandlwana when the Zulu army destroyed about 1,300 British soldiers on 22nd January 1879. Later that day, a smaller force of Zulus who missed out on the action at Isandlwana, wanted their opportunity so against instructions, they attacked Rorke’s Drift. The defensive action is now down in the history of the British Army as one of its most remarkable battles which saw eleven Victoria Crosses awarded. About 140 British troopers battled with roughly 4,000 Zulus in a fight that went on all night.

Sharm el Sheikh holidays feature a lot of interesting sites and things to see. Sharm el Sheikh is a warm vacation spot in Egypt and you may wish to go on a cruise or take an interesting tour. Here are activities that you may enjoy on your holiday.

The Red Sea in this region stays warm all year long, and this makes it perfect for many kinds of beach and water fun. The waters are exceptionally clear and make for some of the best snorkeling or scuba in the area. There are many kinds of exotic fish and sea creatures to experience on your journey.

Snowmobiles never really come in cheap prices. So if you are on the lookout for a snowmobile for the kids or if you are eager to learn on how to use the machine, then it is advisable if you are going to get a used snowmobile so that you can optimize your savings. One thing you need to know is that you have to get one (if you are getting one) during the warmer time of the year. People during that time will be dreaming of going out of town for a little vacation on the tropics, and that used snowmobile in the storage is a good way to earn some extra cash for it.

Each year, holidaymakers and visitors travel to the popular location of Sharm el Sheikh from United Kingdom. They come to take it easy by the beach or swimming pool. Some want to scuba dive and other spend hours snorkelling on neighbouring coral reefs. There are enough tours to be had for visitors to Sharm and without doubt one of the more desirable ones is an excursion to Egypt’s capital, Cairo.

Cairo is home to the world well-known Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx but the day excursions to Cairo offer you considerably more than simply these historic monuments. From Sharm, day-trippers can either travel to Cairo by road or air. Either way, its an early morning start with road excursions leaving at around two in the morning and flights at nearly five in the morning. It all means a long day ahead but it is certainly worth the effort.

Traveling on the Paris subway system (Le Metro) is an excellent way to explore the city on the cheap. And like many popular destinations, Paris offers a tourist card called Paris Visite Carte, but as we found out it may not be the cheapest way to ride the city’s subway.

The Paris Visite Card provides the simplest way to start traveling on Paris’ superb subway system. Though, you may find a cheaper option is to purchase a weekly or monthly pass called Passe Navigo Decouverte, which can only be bought through RATP/SNCF ticket windows in the Metro and train stations; this option depends on your length of stay and timing in Paris. One thing to take into account is that the passes, both the weekly and monthly, take effect at the beginning of each week or month, not from the date that you first use the pass, unlike the Paris Visite Carte, which is valid from the day its first used.

Sharm el Sheikh is a city of a about 35,000 people in Egypt. This vacation area has many activities and sites that are popular with tourists. When planning Sharm el Sheikh holidays, you should know about the type of climate and atmosphere to expect.

This vacation spot is located in the Sinai Peninsula, with the Red Sea along the coastline. Although you are close to the sea, the air and the climate are very dry, as you are in a desert region. However, dry air is good for those with respiratory ailments and allergies. During the year there is no measurable rainfall, and if you see rain, it is unusual.

There are two seasons in the area, and they are both warm. In summer, the temperatures can be over 100F or 38C. Evenings in this desert region are a little cooler, but it is still important to drink plenty of water to keep the body well hydrated.