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by Steven Jorgensenn

The city of Atlanta has experienced several historic moments through the years. Guests to Atlanta can take in these remarkable historic sites and see firsthand where history was made. History buffs really should be certain to keep room in their travel plans for the following places of interest:

* The King Center At the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic site, The King Center is visited by more than one million men and women yearly. It is the official residing memorial dedicated to the expansion of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. At The King Center, founded in 1968 by Coretta Scott King, you’ll locate Freedom Hall, the Eternal Flame, Dr. King’s birth home, Dr. King’s crypt, and Ebenezer Baptist Church. The visitor center displays a thirty-minute movie about Dr. King’s life and effect to the Civil Right Movement. It also consists of a library and historic records. The Center strives to provide education through research.

by Jeff Lorenz

For first time looking for a summer camp please go to Summer Camp Advice a FREE online reference that helps parents figure out what Best Summer Camp is all about

-What philosophical qualities does the video stress? Does the video seem to be consistent with and complement the philosophies expressed in the camp’s printed materials?

-What is your and your child’s general impression after watching? Sometimes a gut instinct may tell you the most.

-What does the video emphasize? Pay attention to what activities and facilities get the most time in the video.

-Does the video answer your questions about the camp? While there should be additional questions that you want to ask the director, the video should give you a comprehensive overview.

by Steven Jorgensenn

Atlanta’s Center for Puppetry Arts is the biggest non-profit in the US specific to puppetry. It opened in September 1978, and was the first puppetry center in the country. Over the years the Center has acquired numerous awards and recognition for excellence. The majority of the programming focuses on performance, education, and its museum.

Every year the Center presents two series of programs. The Family Series has productions which are suitable for people of all ages. They present classic stories and also new works. The 2010 season will include productions of Charlotte’s Web, Beauty and the Beast, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The New Directions Series presents shows which are geared for teens and adults. Among the upcoming performances for this series are The Ghastly Dreadfuls and Suspended Animation.

Coed Camps Are Best

by Lonnie Lorenz

So its time for picking a summer camp. But do you select a single gender camp, Like an all boys camp or do you select a coed summer camp. This is a very important question and one that a parent needs to consider. Realize that there are virtues to both single-sex and coed camps. So read the below benefits of both and choose the one best for your family and child.

by Owen Jones

Are you interested in getting closer to nature? Do you like walking and sleeping under the stars – or under canvas at least? If you do, then a walking or hiking and camping holiday may be just the thing for you. A hiking and camping holiday will get you out in the fresh air, permit you to observe nature first hand and cost you very little to boot. In short, hiking and camping are the ideal blend, if you are looking for a healthy, low-cost break outdoors.

Not only that but you can either go alone with a couple of good books, take a lover, take a friend or take the family with you. All in all, you have many alternatives available to you if you want to trek off into the wild blue yonder on foot.

by Owen Jones

Bed bugs used to be a part of eveyone’s daily life before the Second World War – or should that be ‘a part of everyone’s nocturnal life’? For hundreds of years, people merely grinned and bore it; they had to because there were no effectual ways of getting rid of them.

They lived in the stored clothes, the furniture, the bedding and the houses of the rich and poor alike and because houses were located so close together, families were larger and people were in and out of each others houses, you could not eradicate a bed bug infestation for long.

Then came the bombing of European cities in the Second World War 1939-1945 and numerous inner cities were unsafe, so the authorities decided to take the opportunity to flatten the inner city slums and start again. A similar programme was started in America, but not because of devastation.