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by Rachel Gordon

Since I was a small child, I have been a great lover of animals. This love came about from the many visits to the zoo in my home town of San Diego. I never got bored of exploring the zoo, feeling like I was on a safari such was the variety of interesting animals on display. My interest in all animals grows forever stringer as I get older.

If you grew up, like me, is a city that housed a magnificent zoo like San Diego, you too will probably have a great love of these wonderful attractions. As a child, most of my spare time was taken up by return visits to the zoo, every time there seemed to be something different to discover. The sheer volume of animals of all different species awoke a passion in me that still exists today.

by Joy Dressler

Many employers today prefer hiring someone who has first hand experience in the culture, language and practices of foreign nations. This would help make their company or organization more versatile in addressing any of their global needs or campaigns. This has made study abroad programs popular among many students today seeking a competitive edge once they finish college.

Most popular study abroad programs would get you participating in programs over Italy and attending your college in Australia. The study abroad programs In Italy can last the entire year or just over a summer.

Those who are interested in taking part of study abroad programs typically start of by enrolling themselves in one of many colleges/universities all over the United States and then make arrangements in attending classes from Universities or colleges of the host country.

by Paul Miles

Next time you go for a walk in your city, have a look around you at the changing faces of today’s cities. They are doing everything they can these days to lure people into their midst and harbors, gardens, paths and restaurants are appearing all over the place.

There is a lot to be said for living in the city. You rarely have to drive and everything is on your doorstep.

There is a massive push at the minute to get more of us to live in the cities and in certain city’s it seems to be working.

Living in the city, however, simply doesn’t suit some people. These are the ones who will happily drive for miles to get where they want and enjoy the space and freedom of living in the country. They wouldn’t live in a city if you paid them.

by Mike Levine

New York City is no stranger to great Italian restaurants. If you are looking for good pasta, the Big Apple has an endless number of choices. From the lower reaches of TriBeCa, all the way up to The Bronx, New York has baked ziti, ravioli, gnocchi and other types of pasta to make any fan of Italian food a happy camper.

But what are the best places to get great pasta in New York City? Here are some of my favorites.

I will start out by mentioning Michael White’s newest restaurant, Marea. This recent is the recent James Beard Winner for Best New Restaurant. While it is not a traditional Italian restaurant (its predominant focus is seafood), their besh dish is the bone marrow fussilli with braised octopus.

by Robert Toth

Singapore, one of the perfect tourist attractions, is situated in the southeast part of Asia. There are many Singapore attractions that gather tourists from all across the world. Unlike a typical Asian country, Singapore has had a strong British influence.

Singapore is a dynamic city which is rich in history and colour and diverse in its culture, cuisines, art and architecture. The Singaporeans basically are the descendants of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Sri Lankan immigrants. It is a perfect blend of the East and the West.

How To Save When Visiting Disney

by Emma Watson

Want to vacation on the beaches of Florida ? Florida is filled with tons of attractions, but staying in some of the area’s voguish beach hotels will cost you a pretty penny. That’s why now more than ever, vacationers are opting to Rent Florida vacation rentals homes. Florida vacation condos are an affordable way to vacation with the whole family and cost half of what some hotels on the beach cost.

One popular St. Pete Beach Hotel costs an average of $259 a night for 2 beds, and $2,100 for a weeklong stay. Florida vacation rentals cost much less and sleep up to 6 people.