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by Emma Watson

Since financial crisis, home values have touched lower values, specially in Florida. This has made renting a vacation home in Florida an attractive summer vacation option. Florida has certainly been among the top choices on everyone’s “A” list for a beach vacation . The weak Florida real estate market, coupled with a faltering economy has made Florida’s beach destinations a very attractive summer option. Florida enjoys year round vacationers, for its affordable rental prices .

Florida vacation rental condos are the top choise among golfers . The winter has been the best time to go golfing in Florida. However, all of the finest golf courses in Florida are certainly open year round at attractive prices. Although in the summer, with temperatures at times in the 90s, only the most stalwart golfers will typically hit the links during mid day. Most prefer staying at their vacation rental, vacation home, vacation villa, vacation apartment.That’s why the beaches and gin clear waters of Florida are championship sunning and swimming areas.

by Howie Holben

The country of Italy is known for all of the beauty and romance that is many times associated with it. It is for this reason that there are so many gay vacations to Italy; this is a city that is friendly to couples who enjoy all that life has to offer them from this country. On visit is never enough to catch all that this city has to offer a person in the way of music architecture and food. Just the name alone is enough to conjure up feelings of love.

There is so much to see and do in this country, that you will find yourself making the trip on a yearly basis in order to see all that this country has to offer its guest. There are several cities in the country that not only welcome same sex couples; they do so with open arms. These cities are the heart and soul of the country and this country is full of life from shore to shore.

by Liam McGulliver Fletcher

Tax free shopping is the chance to buy items or services without paying any kind of taxes. There are only certain places and times that this is a possibility.

The tax list is long, comprising things like sales, retail, good or services, value and consumption taxes. All of these bring in significant revenue for the states or locations.

One of the biggest places you can get tax free or duty free is in the European Union. As long as you do not live in the EU you can buy things without paying a tax. Of course you must purchase them outside of the airport. When you make the initial purchase at the store you have to pay the value added tax but you receive a refund when you export the item.

by Chris Channing

A private jet doesn’t seem like much for the wealthy- just another toy for the front lawn. Private jets are out of reach even for some millionaires, however. They can be quite costly when you look at the running costs, staffing the jet plane, and insurance.

Expect to pay anywhere from several million to more than $50 million for a private jet. Even being a millionaire doesn’t mean that you will be able to afford a modern private jet. If you find this price tag too steep to stomach, you will need to look a private jet charter services that will allow the same benefit of owning a private jet without the inane costs that come with them.

by Emma Short

When it comes to suitcases, getting the right products could lead to the difference in having a unforgettable vacation and one you would rather forget. The quality suitcases will get you organization, stacks of space as well as various pockets for all of the little souvenirs that you might buy on your getaway.

You’ll find a number of good reasons why you should upgrade the old suitcase set of yours, whether it has been damaged or is too big or small. Or perhaps you care about style and want something more up-to-date .

Get prepared before you start shopping around for new luggage. First get a measuring tape out and find out how large your old travel suitcase is. Do you need more room or is it sufficient?

by Archie Campbell

If going to London, should one desire to experience some of the best views, one may want to take one of the official double-deck tour buses out of Piccadilly Square, or if one has limited funds, one can also take a bus from the city and ride on top. However, whereas the city buses are a per ride ticket, the official tour buses offer passes which allow one to get on and off many times during the day. Such tourist information and a brief guide of central London can now be found both online and off. To find such information, either visit a local travel bureau or simply type, London tourism into any search engine and read the displayed results.