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Tips For Gay Holidays To Iceland

by Howie Holben

The majority of visitors who vacation in Iceland do so to explore the diverse natural beauty that is truly unique when compared to other popular spots for gay vacations. From Europe’s largest glacier and vast volcanoes, to the barely populated Arctic Circle island of Grimsey and the Northern Lights, Iceland offers nearly limitless opportunities to explore the outdoors in an unprecedented way. Hiking, rafting, kayaking, ice climbing, whale watching, bird watching and sea fishing are just a few of the many popular outdoor activities that travelers enjoy during their stay in Iceland and are great options for gay tours filled with adventure.

Visitors who prefer an urban vacation will also find just what they are searching for in Iceland, especially in the capital city, Reykjavik, which is where individual travelers and folks traveling with gay tours will find a variety of historical and cultural attractions, dining and shopping, a beautiful waterfront, museums and an exciting nightlife.

by Jeff Lorenz

Shortly, nearly 10 million children be going to Summer Children’s Camps. But before they go, health experts are issuing strong new advice to both parents and camp directors, and recommending new precautions to protect campers’ health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics along with the American Camp Association created an official policy statement about camper health and Summer Camp responsibilities. Edward Walton, M.D. is lead author of the paper.

This new policy suggests parents thoroughly determine if they are sending their child to the “right ” summer camp. Does it meet the child’s mental, emotional and physical well-being, as well as their interests and skills.

Walton says, “camps should provide parents with a complete picture of what their programs involve”. Look at the total package and be sure it is safe an healthy for your child.

Hnts in Picking a Summer Camp

by Lonnie Lorenz

So you are thinking about a Summer Camp for your child. First decide if your going to a Coed Summer Camps or an all boys or girls camp. Each have their own merritt. Maybe a Coed Camp is best for your child. Next, work with you child to find a camp that will increase their interests or expose them to new activities. After all that, here are the top 10 questions to ask a summer camp director. This list was compiled by the American Camp Association.

What’s the camp’s ideology? Are you comfortable with this ? Is it a good fit for your child? Is competition or cooperation emphasized? What religious observances or practices are part of the program? I

Gay Holidays In 2010 To Ecuador

by Howie Holben

Ecuador may be a small country, but it is home to an expansive cultural and geographic diversity, which includes an array of indigenous groups with distinctive, unique cultures and languages. With tropical rainforests, snow-capped volcanoes and picturesque coastlines, Ecuador offers landscapes and varying climates that make any month of the year an excellent time for relaxing gay tours or enticing adventures.

While the Galapagos Islands are perhaps the most frequently visited attraction in Ecuador, the mainland is also filled with numerous activities and sightseeing opportunities that ensure gay tours to Ecuador will be exciting, fulfilling and memorable. Whether you seek an outdoor adventure, a spiritual journey or gay travel that consists of exploring the LGBT community in Quito, trekking through the rainforest and spending lazy afternoons on the beach, you will surely see why so many travelers return to this popular tourist destination year after year.

Peru And Gay Travel Deals

by Howie Holben

For many, the best gay tours are merely a way to put regular life on hold while you take off for a week or two in order to melt the stress of your day-to-day, recharge and participate in experiences that you normally wouldn’t be part of if you never left home. What if your next vacation went deeper?

Some people want to move toward more balance in their life. They want more than just a quick, temporary release from life’s stresses. They want to be more in touch with their spirit and their heart. If this is what you seek, try a gay spirituality tour to magical Peru’s Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu for your next vacation.

Gay Travel Destinations In Italy

by Howie Holben

Italy is a land of art, history, architecture, romance and Vespas. Italy’s exceptional scenery, rich history and deeply entrenched culture have made this enticing country a popular for those who are gay vacations, as well as a popular setting for books, movies and plays. Singles, couples, families and groups of friends flock to Italy throughout the year for the fashion, the food and some of the most famous art and architecture in the world. Whether your ideal experience includes meandering narrow, ancient roads in Rome or Venice, languid drives through the countryside searching for lesser known historical sites and visiting wineries, wiling away an afternoon in a museum in Florence or experiencing Milans enticing nightlife, Italy is an ideal destination for gay vacations.