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by Johann Ken Flanders

Driving whilst speaking on a mobile phone is a practise that many people still carry out despite the fact that it has recently been made illegal because of the risky nature of it. Although there are millions and millions of drivers across the world, there are only a few that seem to drive cautiously and within the law at all times.

Talking on a phone while driving has become a serious issue because of the amount of accidents and fatalities that have occurred as a result. The reason it causes so many accidents is because of the level of concentration is compromised and therefore so is the control over the vehicle.

Gay Romantic Places

by Howie Holben

If you are looking to plan gay romantic vacations you have a decision to make. You can go straight to a destination and find out what the tolerance climate is once you get there or you can book a vacation that has already plowed the tolerance climate for you. Sometimes choosing between the two can be harder than you think, as each has its benefits.

Planning a gay romance getaway for two can either be inspired by the desire to fulfill a wish like surprising your partner with that special trip they’ve always wanted, or it can be about spending time together. When it’s about spending time away from home and responsibilities, going through a structured getaway for gay travel can be a great idea. It simply gives you more freedom and it gives you options.

A Gay Tours Guide For Australia

by Howie Holben

There is a phenomenal vacation destination, filled with one-of-a-kind adventures and exciting locales. Its cities are urbane and vibrant, perfect for gay tours. It is a land of wonders so diverse, with natural and manmade settings so remarkable, it is almost indescribable. Where? Australia!

Australia offers the gay traveler an impressive and welcoming destination unlike any other in the world. It is no wonder gay couples and singles are heading “Down Under” for the experience of a lifetime.

When you’re “Down Under,” it is safe to say you’re seldom far from an experience that will delight you as never before. Consider visiting the Yarra, Coal River or Swan Valleys if you’re a wine connoisseur. These areas produce succulent grapes used in Australia’s world-renowned wines. Visit the wineries and their tasting rooms to experience first-hand the contrast between a smooth white and smoky red. Adrenalin-seekers can plan a diving expedition off the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland or Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

Gay Travel to Hawaii

by Howie Holben

Hawaii is a Pacific paradise that has long held a distinct allure for travelers from around the world. With a warm, welcoming native population and a well-balanced, culturally-rich blend of Asian, Polynesian and white European cultures, Hawaii is a popular destination for straight and gay vacations alike. While the LGBT community may seem a bit quiet and low-key on the islands, those taking part in gay travel to Hawaii will find a high level of acceptance, due in part to generations of different cultures growing accustomed to living together with no one overriding cultural or religious influence.

Gay Vacations To Wonderful Bhutan

by Howie Holben

Tucked between Tibet and India in a remote region of the Himalayan Mountains, lies a tiny Buddhist kingdom called Bhutan. Visitors to this spiritually and culturally-rich country will find a simpler way of life that is largely unaltered by Western culture and modern attitudes. Every aspect of life in Bhutanese villages and towns is steeped in the age-old traditions, beliefs, customs and practices of Buddhism, which is the basis of this countrys conservative, traditional way of life.

To this end, the number of tour groups and tourists allowed to visit Bhutan each year is limited. While Bhutanese culture is very conservative and traditional, the warm, friendly Bhutanese people welcome gay vacations, just as they would any other guest to their country. Due to the limited tourism allowed, anyone who has the opportunity to travel to this mystical mountain kingdom should take full advantage of experiencing all that the country of Bhutan has to offer.

Gay Vacations To Peru

by Howie Holben

For most people, the best gay vacations are a way to take time away from the stresses of daily life. Vacations also allow us to do and see things we wouldn’t normally experience. But, many people want even more from their vacations and travel experiences.

More and more people seek more harmony and peace in their lives. They expect more from their time away than just temporary relief. They want to seek out a deeper meaning for being alive. If you are one of these people, a spiritual journey to Peru’s Sacred Valley may be exactly what you’re looking for in your next vacation.

Nestled in the Andes Mountains, this area of Peru is know for it’s spiritual connection to the Earth. The area is filled with ruins from the Inca Empire. To touch walls that were built with such precision such a long time ago, can be a very moving experience. An exeperience you will not forget.