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Advice On Organising A Stag Party

by Mariko Conisuellian

Stag parties are enjoyable and memorable events for every groom-to-be. Stag party organization requires lot of planning to ensure that the groom rejoices and pays tribute to his bachelorhood in a glorious fashion. A stag party is usually organized by the groom’s brother, or immediate cousin or any of his best buddies to try and make it the most memorable party of his life.

Nowadays people seem to be moving away from the traditional stag party ideas having a night out drinking until you can drink no more and favouring stag weekends instead. Stag weekends are becoming more and more popular as they allow the participants to have a longer period of carefree relaxation. There are venues that you can hire that host events such as golf, tennis, basketball, go karting etc. for the daytime activities of the weekend.

by Chris Linch

Improve your golf game on an Orlando vacation. With 300 days of sunshine per year, some of the finest golf courses on offer, and the greater Orlando area littered with golf academies, beginners and enthusiasts alike will always find something to do. Learn the basics or be instructed by some of the top pros in the game. Take a look.

The Brad Brewer Academy offers instructions on (add business service here) for groups or individuals. A disciple and long-time associate of Arnold Palmer, our academy offers familiar services. “Play and Stay” packages include accommodation, or sign up for the instruction only, as well as an internet access option if you prefer to interact with our e-instructors and receive feedback online.

by Matt Spock

The Molly Malone statue is one of the most famous symbols for Dublin. It is a ‘must see’ tourist attraction when visiting Ireland.

Molly Malone is a famous statue located just opposite of Trinity College. There is a famous Molly Malone song that tells the legend of the fishmonger. Whether or not the song is based on an actual woman, legend has it that the beautiful young woman died from a fever. The statue was unveiled in’88 during the Dublin Millennium celebrations and some regard the song as an Irish anthem.

The Molly Malone Statue is just outside Trinity College, which you can also visit while in the area. Also nearby is Grafton Street, which is a famous pedestrian shopping street. These are just some of the many things to do and places to visit on your trip to Dublin.

by Howie Holben

Thailand–the land of smiles–is, at once, a rich cultural experience as well as a gay travel Mecca. With 90% of its population following the Buddhist philosophy, homosexuality is widely accepted without protest or judgment. Though an anything-goes policy is in order once the bedroom doors have been closed, visitors should inform themselves on the otherwise modest customs and traditions of this countrys fascinating people. Since some of these can be quite unique and unusual to the westerner, it is advised that one do a bit of research on the topic before embarking on gay travel to the country, or on any gay tours offered there.

Florida Hotel Resorts

by Chris Linch

Are you setting out a trip to Florida? If yes then looking out for a preeminent accommodation could mend or sever your trip.There are many things to mull over while shopping for them. A few things that you need to know are

There are many special places of lodging in Florida, its vital to know your requirements so that the search can be contracted. A reasonably prices hotel could be well suited for your finances. If time you spend in hotel is minimal then a budget hotel would be the best.

Contrariwise if you need a chock-full rendezvous with Florida’s Sun Sand and magnificent hotels- A 4 or 5 star hotel would be the key. The hotels marinate the greatest of life and Florida.

Gay Travel To Spain

by Howie Holben

Spain was among the very first nations to allow same-sex couples to enjoy equal marriage rights, to openly adopt children and to be treated with equal respect and dignity under the law. This legal equality and level of acceptance has created a welcoming atmosphere that has made Spain a popular gay travel destination for safe, memorable gay vacations. Each of the major cities in Spain, as well as some smaller towns, has a visible, active community and an LGBT scene, which varies by location. For example, Sitges offers an LGBT culture with casual class, while Madrid boasts a sexually-charged scene and lively nightlife that promises a raucous good time. With great weather, breathtaking architecture, beautiful landscapes and rich culture and history, Spain is an ideal setting for gay travel tours.