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by Bart Icles

It is indeed interesting to hear someone speak in different languages that in many cases, we tend to become interested in learning how to speak another language. One of the most common languages that people want to learn is German. Learning how to speak German can be quite challenging, and this makes learning it more interesting. The German language has many phonetic sounds that are far different American phonetic sounds that many of us would laugh at the way we sound while we learn our first few German words and phrases.

Organising A Hen Party

by Mariko Conisuellian

Hen parties and bachelorette parties have been a very popular way to celebrate the single status of a woman before she gets married since the 1960’s. This night is always memorable and there are many strategies to make sure they are both memorable and successful.

You may want to organize a hen party that is so special and innovative so that it stays on in the bride’s memory for the rest of her lifetime. Some exciting hen party ideas involve inviting a few of the bride’s closest pals over to a disco, or participating in the bride’s favorite carnivals, or you may arrange a get together party in her chosen outdoor location. If you are the bride’s closest pal you should have good knowledge about her likes and dislikes.

by Ross Everett

The Kentucky Derby takes place every year on the first Saturday in May, and its a race that many horse racing novices like to follow. Along with the Breeders’ Cup and the other ‘Triple Crown’ races, the Derby attracts the most mainstream attention. Understanding the intricacies of horse racing is a very involved study.

Despite the complexity of understanding horse racing, there are a few basic rules that can help the novice watch the Kentucky Derby with a greater degree of enjoyment. Until recently, the Derby was a race dominated by the favorite. In the 1970’s great horses like Secretariat and Seattle Slew blew away the field but since Spectacular Bid’s winning run in 1979 there have been only a couple of favorites to win the big race. While a serious horse player might not want to categorically dismiss the popular favorite, for the horse racing novice this is a helpful way to narrow down the field.

by Ross Everett

Sports betting futures wagers can be an entertaining and profitable investment, but there are a number of pitfalls. These are some things to avoid:

Don’t bet at the first place you look: In other words, shop around for the best price. This is essential to all aspects of sports betting, but especially important with futures wagers. You’ll find more disparity between prices from book to book on futures than any other betting proposition. From a theoretical standpoint, a little work can yield much better value. From a practical standpoint, that means a higher payout should you win. The reason for this is that individual sportsbooks’ aren’t as worried about what the other guys are doing as they are with most other bets. Once the futures “market” is set books move the lines almost exclusively on their own financial position. The market simply doesn’t respond as quickly to futures wagers as it does to individual game lines so it is essential to do the extra work to get the best price on your proposition.

by Ross Everett

There’s a strange dichotomy between the complexity of high level sports handicapping and the amount of theoretical literature on the subject. While successful sports betting is a complex and difficult pursuit, there’s very little that’s been written on the subject from a serious theoretical angle. For that reason, it can be helpful to delve into the wealth of books available to the serious poker player for insights that can be applied to sports betting.

On one level, this is likely due to the fact that poker”like sports gambling”is a pursuit in which the knowledgeable and skillful practitioner can overcome the theoretical odds against him. To paraphrase the great poker theoretician Bob Caro, there are some professional blackjack players and sports gamblers in addition to professional poker players. There may even be a few professional horse players (though the house edge against the horse player is a hefty 17% or so). In the entire world, however, there is not one professional roulette player.

Best Places to go on Holiday

by Martin Davis

When deciding where to go on holiday this year, you will not be short of top destinations. There will also be a lot of travel agents advising you to book with them for the best deals. One place you should visit though is the World Tourism Organisation.

Each year they release information regarding which countries had the most visitors in a year compared to others. Also they provide information which clearly shows those countries which have seen a marked increase in the number of visitors from abroad visiting them. They also help to break down this list into the various continents showing which countries within Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas were the most popular.