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by Dino Williams

Maybe old-fashioned games like connect the dots, word puzzles, mazes and tic tac toe seem obsolete to kids who grow up with game consoles and games on cell-phones, but children of around four and five years of age really enjoy such activities.

The above mentioned are also recognized as great travel games since parents find it a real challenge to keep their children’s boredom away particularly when driving long distances. Various web pages represent the easiest source of printable travel games that can be included in the luggage for “boredom” sufferers, yet mention must be made that kids with carsickness should only play word games, as any attempt to watch a fixed point when the car is in motion will only aggravate the sickness.

New York and Hatch Food Festivals

by Ian Kleine

Early on, we had the fruits of summer, peach and strawberries; but this time, let’s have a look at a festival for one of the western old-time favorites: buffalo wings! In Buffalo, New York, the festival is nothing but pure consumption of these hot, spicy chicken treats.

By which according to last year’s statistics, almost 27 tons of chicken wings and sauce was consumed in the festival alone. Hoping that the town would break the record this year, they are inviting you, tourists, to join in the festivities. There’s an admission fee of five dollars per each adult though (what? You’d think it was free?)

by Bjorn Bringhorman

If there’s any good news during a down economy, it’s that vacations have become affordable again.

The vacation industry is down and companies are doing everything they can to lure travelers back to the roads, the air and the sea. Airlines are slashing prices. Hotels, resorts and vacation rentals are offering great lodging deals. Cruises have never-before-seen rates. And, people are rediscovering vacations closer to home.

There may never have been a better time to pack up the bags and to set out and explore the world. There are a lot of travel deals out there, but here are a few ideas and vacation spots that might get your brain thinking about travel again.

Do Not Go To Camp without Asking

by Lonnie Lorenz

Weather you are going on a camp visit or are just watching a video and flipping through the brochure it is important to take note of many area that may affect your child’s stay at camp. If an area is a top priority for your child and you can not find the information be sure to call the

Facilities: Look at the condition of the facilities. Do the buildings they show signs of wear and a lack of maintenance, Though well worn and rustic buildings are perfectly ok, make sure that they are not being neglected. Specific things you’ll want to look for and ask about include:

Surviving a Music Fest Part 2

by Ian Kleine

With camping out, the tent is usually the more favored choice of because of the comfort the soft grass gives (just make sure you’re camping out in the soft grass and not in the soft poo or in the soft piss-laden mud). But make sure that you know what your tent looks like. In a sea of vinyl and rainbow-colored tents, good luck finding your abode (the chances of you finding a needle in a haystack would probably seem better).

Have a landmark (like a large rock beside your tent, not over it, especially if the plain is actually an inclination). But worst things come to worst, is finding yourself in the wrong tent, and waking up with the wrong buddy. Oh hell.

by Rick Amorey

If you are in the habit of going to weekly craft shows, then you will have to deal with the other vendors as often as you put up a booth. If you strive to be helpful, courteous and just generally be friendly to everyone, then it will go a long way when trying to establish relationships that will benefit everyone. I try to help other vendors when they’re putting up their tents; as I like to think they’ll lend a hand when I need assistance with mine.