What You Need To Know Before You Go

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by Ada Denis

So, you’re finally going on a long vacation! There are some things you should do before you go; planning ahead will ensure a safe and memorable trip. Some questions you should ask yourself are: how far are you going to drive every night, how are you going to keep the kids occupied, does your destination hotel accept pets, is the car ready, etc. Now that you’re thinking ahead, here are five important tips for a long vacation.

First, have your vehicle checked. Ask your mechanic for an oil change, tire rotate & balance and a mechanical inspection. The mechanic should check: oil & filter, transmission fluid, antifreeze, CV joints (on 4×4’s), spare tire, wrench and jack. Check your owner’s manual for any information you may need as to tire pressure, how to change a headlight etc.

How To Get Flights to Spain

by Susan Renolds

If you’re considering Spain as a holiday destination, you have a wealth of options in destinations and airlines to get you there.

Aena, Spain’s airport management company, operates 47 full service airports in the country. With such a large number of airports, travelers can usually make arrangements to land at an airport that is within 50 km of their holiday destinations.

You’ll find that Spain’s airports offer the same services and conveniences of your home airport.

Here is a list of the airlines that fly into Spain:

Aer Lingus Air Canada Air France American Airlines BMI British Midland British Airways Iberia KLM Qantus SN Brussels Swiss United Airlines Virgin Atlantic

In addition to these larger, full-service carriers, you can choose from these low-fare airlines:

Floating Marketplace in Vietnam

by Ada Denis

Southern Vietnam is the home to compound rivers, canals. Crowded Together boats and long-standing residents by rivers’ banks have created a typical civilization – floating marketplace.

These floating markets have made share to social change, waterway efficient evolution. Boats are applied as offices, shops or houses which are one of grounds for open-mindedness of Southern people.

Southern movable markets have still restrained their typical characteristics of a centre of agricultural products and local fruits. Goods delivery and receipt are seen as the most fascinating activity at the markets and someones throwing and catching goods are considered as artists with their performances on the rivers making peaceable countrysides going.

In the Southern, some wandering markets are best-known as 100 year old ones: Cai Be (Tien Giang province), Cai Rang, Phong Dien, Phung Hiep (Can Tho) etc…

How To Get Flights to Madrid

by Susan Renolds

The only difficult part of shopping for an inexpensive flight to Madrid is making a choice from the range of options. At the time of this writing, no less than 9 UK and Irish airlines were offering direct flights to Madrid from 15 airports. Take your choice:

Airports: Aberdeen,Belfast, Bristol, Bournemouth, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Shannon.

Airlines: British Airways, EasyJet, Aer Lingus, Ryannair, Aireuropa, BMI British Midland, Iberia,Avro.

Because Spain is the top destination for UK travelers, low fares are easy to find. Currently, fares on the low-cost carriers range from 88 to 120, so Madrid makes a great holiday destination, even for travelers on a budget. Plan your trip to avoid summer in Madrid. October is an ideal time to visit the city if you like great weather, cheaper flights and lower hotel rates. If you enjoy cultural attractions and ski resorts, winter is a great time to visit.

by Trip Wend

Last spring I went to Miami for a large electronic music festival they have there every year. The first step is usually to look for plane tickets and figure out \”is this doable\” in terms of making it down there from NYC. I never thought that this year I would discover a place better than some high-end resorts!

After you get your flight booked, while youare still putting off paying for your event tickets (which you should get during the presale so you donat end up kicking yourself for having to pay $30 extra), you need to figure out where youare going to stay.

How Does Car Rental Companies Work?

by Greg Hansward

If you have travelled abroad you have probably experience having problems with your transportation. This is true to a lot of people this may be the reason why Car rental Companies are so popular and the business are booming because a lot of people opt to rent a car.

The Rental Industry is on rise. This is particularly true to places that attract most tourists. This industry is providing a great service to those people who are really into their comfort and taking their time enjoying their vacation. AN increase in demand of car for rent may not be only due to tourists but also because car owners are now looking for car rental because their car is broken or in the shop for monthly check-up. Also the growing popularity of “road trip” especially for the young ones helped in the growth of the rental industry.