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Camper Van Options

by John Douglas

Camper vans have many optional extras and facilities and most first time buyers or hirers, do not have all the information to make an informed choice over which van to choose. A lot of people will be taken in by the styling of a camper and will pay little attention to the actual facilities. Most campers have basic facilities as standard, enough to just about cover a few nights away. Optional extras can though, make a big difference to your comfort levels.

You should consider a number of factors, such as family size today and what it may become in the near future. Your needs will change as your family grows and now may be the time to plan ahead. The kind of trips you wish to make can also have a bearing on the vehicle most suited to your needs. Buying or renting presents different considerations with regards to price as does whether you go for a new or second hand vehicle.

by Shelby Wright

An African Safari vacation is a popular travel goal. It brings together travel to an exotic location, seeing unique wildlife, an adventure with just a hint of risk, great photography opportunities and memories to last a lifetime. Just mention you are going on an African Safari and your friends are sure to be envious and impressed.

In East Africa, Kenya is a great choice as a safari vacation destination because of the opportunity to combine an exciting African wildlife safari expedition with a relaxing beach vacation. One day you can be swimming in the warm Indian Ocean on a sandy tropical beach, and the next day you can be watching lions and elephants in the wild.

Backpacking : Why is it Good?

by Joseph Then

When was the last time you took a long break? How about a long holiday? Well, I know that I am in desperate need to take a break but I am quite broke for now. Well, if you are like me, look no further. I can tell you how to go backpacking and why you should go backpacking.

Backpacking is a low cost travel. Backpackers often travel to a lot of places and they budget their amount of money used for travel. So, if you think you are up for it go ahead and start packing for your trip.

You do not want to travel because no one wants to follow you? Well, don’t worry. You can go on your own. Let me tell you why.

by Rob Smith

Free2.co.uk is a specialist for luxury holidays to some of the world’s most exotic locations. Whether you are looking for exciting twin centre holidays to the Far East and Middle East or relaxed chilled out luxury holidays to the Maldives, Free2 has something to suit everyone.

The Free2 website has feature pages for romantic luxury holidays to the Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives, Mauritius and Zanzibar and special offers for exotic luxury holidays to Thailand, Malaysia and East Africa

As a specialist for luxury holidays, Free2 is able to provide a variety of extra benefits including airport lounges, luxury private transfers and special hotel room upgrades.

by Steve Woodward

Although Bulgaria has often become associated in recent years with being a place where students go for cheap holidays. This beautiful country has so much now to offer to those who are looking for somewhere different for their next holiday.

Many people are now visiting this Eastern European country because it has some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in the world. Plus there is lots for one to do and see whilst visiting this up and coming tourist resort. Today you have the chance to explore its countryside either by hiking along the well maintained trails or going on a horse riding trek.

by Steve Woodward

During the early 1990’s Croatia was a country that was not on top of everyone’s list as a tourist attraction because of the war taken place there. However, today it is now a completely different story and visitors are flocking once more to this beautiful country.

Most tourists travel to Croatia to enjoy its beautiful well kept beaches and wander around it unspoilt villages. But yet there are plenty of other things for one to do and see when visiting this country and which will provide you with further insight into the country’s turbulent past.

Most people generally when they travel to Croatia either visit its capital Zagreb which is made it back in 1557. They also are now finding just how beautiful other parts of the country are including Dubrovnik and Split.