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Arizona Attractions

by Ray Lam

Arizona is known for its rich cultural heritage. Many people visit the different cities of the state to explore the colorful history, varied art and architecture and a number of cultural venues. In order to have a memorable vacation in Arizona, it is important to plan the holiday.

Grand Canyon National Park is located in northwestern Arizona about 75 miles north of the cities of Flagstaff and Williams. The park covers well over one million acres and is more than twice the size of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.Grand Canyon National Park is heavily visited for most of the year and it is imperative to plan ahead for lodging, camping, backcountry permits, mule trips or other winderness adventures. Persons planning to visit only for the day should arrive early as parking is limited. Besides sightseeing, hiking is probably the most popular activity in the canyon. There are 400 total miles of hiking trials in Grand Canyon of which only about 31 miles receive continual maintenance.

by Vince Paxton

When it comes to considering places for you to go on vacation, you will want to consider the weather. As for Malaga weather and climate, you will find that it is acceptable all year long. You will notice that the sun is out most of the time and there is little rain fall in the summer. You should consider the following when planning your vacation.

For those who like to stay in the sun, you will want to go to Malaga in the summertime. You will find that it is very popular for others to come during the summer. It does get very hot and that is one of the best qualities about the area. You will find that autumn is the perfect time if you prefer it to be sunny, but not scorching hot. You will find that there are some cold spots and snow falls, but the wintertime is just as good as any time to go to Malaga.

by Amanda Robins

If you are looking for the one special romantic or family oriented holiday this year then you’ll be interested to learn more about Mauritius. Mauritius holidays have been alluring tourists for years with its natural beauty, wonder and charm. Regardless of who you are fun in the sun awaits you!

The picturesque vistas of the ocean blue crashing against the white sand beaches, the rolling mountains frozen in time with exotic foliage cascading down into a lush valley of tropical gardens and the sunsets that show a grand display each and every night are but a few of the memorable scenery you’ll encounter. This delightful outlook is one that isn’t too far out of your reach. Mauritius holidays are purely majestic and the visions are sincerely unforgettable.

by JW Raymond

It is surprising just how often things go wring when you travel, perhaps through unfamiliarity but nevertheless these can be minimized by using some basic tips. Travel can be expensive enough as it is without expensive mistakes which could be avoided, resulting in a dislike for your chosen location and its people. In some instances it is not uncommon for fear to set in and venturing from the relative safety of the hotel room or resort is out of the question. Perhaps it is just that traveling safely requires some common sense and most of the time these days, we do not require it as someone else is always responsible for our mistakes!

by Samantha Upbridge

Have you ever heard of boutique hotels? Do you know what a boutique hotel is? Most people have no idea what these hotels are? Take a name brand hotel like the Holiday Inn and take a bed and breakfast inn. Now mix those together and you get your boutique hotel.

Boutique hotels are designed to give their guests something more than a mainstream hotel can provide. What may this be? Personal attention. Boutique hotel owners and employees will go above and beyond to be sure their guests are happy with their room and their stay.

Most boutique hotels are begun through older homes that would either be torn down or turned into museums. For this reason, many of the rooms are not modernized. Owners will need to retrofit the rooms to give guests access to high speed Internet, phone lines, cable service and even private bathrooms especially if they are to compete with those big name hotel giants. Some hotels may even offer room service.

by Kim Yan

Some people will plan for a few vacations during a year. It is true that we sometime need to take a rest. And going for a vacation can be one of the ways for us to be truly relaxed. Yet, one thing you may also realize is that vacations usually mean spending money.

The air tickets are one of the items that can cost you a fortune for your vacation. As a consequence, it will be perfect if you can get some cheaper air tickets. The followings are some of the ways you can get cheaper air tickets.

You can get some discount on your air fare if you can purchase something like five months before your vacation. To this end you will need to plan for your vacations in advance. At least you will need to decide on the destination a few months before your trip.