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The Boston Children’s Museum

by Juble.com

How can a parent make a vacation getaway the utmost in memorable experiences for their children? There are a few certain aspects that the truly caring parent will look for in their summer vacation time for their children. There is the aspect of fun. A good parent will realize that children have fun on a different level than that of adults. Simply going to an art museum and looking at painting is not going to make for a memorable excursion for a child. Next, there is the learning aspect. A caring adult will want his or her child to get more than just fun, but actually grow from their vacation experience. What we end up with here is fun and learning, difficult aspects to mix into one equation. However, it is not impossible. A clever parent will find ways to integrate both of these into each of the child’s experiences while still having a good time themselves.

by Juble.com

All too often the impact that the African American culture has had on the history of the United States, as well as that of the world, is gone unnoticed in the various history books and tomes of American literature. This is truly sad, as the impact has been one of considerable influence on what our great nation has become today. The typical historical African American figure was bold, brave, and had a strong moral standard. One would be hard pressed to find one notable era and/or one great defining aspect that makes the United States of America the land of the free that it is today that the African American did not have a hand in. It is an understatement to say that this is not fair to the African Americans that played these important roles in the development of this country, or to the African Americans that now call this their home. There is, however, one great vacation spot that does care enough to make sure that everyone knows the facts about these great men and women, and that is the Boston Museum of African American History.

The Baltimore Maritime Museum

by Juble.com

The city of Baltimore in the grand state of Maryland has long stood strong in the their demand to make the history of the area, as well as that of the United States, available to citizens and travelers alike. They have had great success with the many museums and historical sites located throughout the scenic Baltimore metropolitan area. One of the many historical legacies of this city, however, seems to stand out above all others when it comes to those traveling through or visiting the city. That is the Baltimore maritime Museum.

This is more than just a building with a bunch of relics and memorabilia from past times. The museum itself is a collection of relics. The Boston Maritime Museum consists of three ships and one other structure. There is the Lightship Chesapeake, the USCGC Taney, the USS Torsk, and the Knoll Lighthouse, each having it’s own particular history and story behind it.

by Rosana Hart

Americans and Canadians in droves are discovering that living in Mexico has a lot of appeal. Some are snowbirds, here for about half the year, but many people have become “expats,” or people who live outside their own country. While visiting grandchildren and doing some shopping may take these expats north frequently, they consider Mexico as their place of residence.

It’s not always evident why such large numbers of us have migrated south to Mexico. After all, most of us struggle with speaking Spanish, we love to complain to our expat friends about all sorts of things in our daily lives, and the cultural differences between our own way of life and the Mexican culture are significant.

Ceol na Mara & Harris

by Phil MacDonald

In the Hebrides of Scotland the Gaelic language is the native language. Most places are now sign posted in the Gaelic with an English translation below in smaller writing. The Gaelic is an extremely poetic language and a lovely phrase is “Ceol na Mara” which, roughly translated, means the “music of the sea”, what a beautiful way in which to describe the sounds of the sea. Ceol na Mara is also a commonly used name for guest houses and bed and breakfasts especially on the Isle of Harris and the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides/Western Isles.

Stornoway Guest House Accommodation

by Andrew Kelly

Of all the wonderful places to stay in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland it is to Stornoway that most people head when taking a vacation or visiting on business. Many visitors choose to stay in Stornoway guest house accommodation rather than in hotels or self catering. The Outer Hebrides/ Western Isles are a rather unique set of islands off the west of Scotland with the Isle of Lewis (where you will find Stornoway) being the largest of them all.

Staying in a Stornoway guest house means that you will, more than likely, be staying right in the very heart of the town. Stornoway is rather a busy little place and a massive contrast to the nearby moor lands and extraordinary beaches of the south west coast. In fact you should really make time to visit these most excellent beaches as you are unlikely to see anywhere as beautiful in the whole of Great Britain and, most probably Europe.