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Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

by Amy Nutt

Is travel insurance a rip-off? That is a simple question with a complicated answer. To properly understand this issue, you should first understand what travel insurance is. The definition of travel insurance is fairly straightforward -it’s short term insurance that covers you while you are on vacation. Travel insurance coverage depends on the parameters of the policy, but in general it extends to lost or broken luggage, thefts that happen during your vacation, medical needs that might arise during your vacation and lost personal items.

There have been many documented occasions of travel insurers being downright fraudulent. The internet is rife with examples. Many people have complained about travel insurance that travel agencies or airlines recommend for them being absurdly expensive, difficult or impossible to use, or even non-existent. In some cases, class-action lawsuits have been filed and have been paid to fraud victims. Many people have claimed that exploitative travel agents offered them vacation packages at seemingly steep discounts, only to force them to purchase overpriced travel insurance packages.

Sun’s Heat A Major Factor In Weather Types

by Greg Hansward

What makes weather, well, weather? The simple answer might be the Earth’s atmosphere and the changes that take place there. But take the investigation a step farther and ask how those changes occur. Or better yet, why they occur.

There is one factor that can take most of the blame (or credit) depending on how the weather change affects life on Earth. Without the sun, we would have no weather formations. First of all, without a sun to warm the planet the atmosphere and everything else would be frozen. But thanks to the sun’s warmth air masses warm up, rise, cool, sink toward the ground and so forth. These patterns of circulation have the distinct task of creating differences in atmospheric pressure. The resulting air movement is commonly called win.

Winery Tours On America’s First Wine Trail

by Jim Hofman

America’s long and storied wine making history is rooted in the efforts of European immigrants, who brought their skills to America throughout the 1800’s. Long before California and other west coast wine producing states were settled, other areas of the country were busy producing wines from native grape vines growing in the wild. In the 1830’s, a group of German immigrants settled in the Missouri river valley, about an hour west of St. Louis near the present historic town of Hermann, Missouri.

Hermann’s founding fathers and town leaders noted the prolific growth of wild grapes in the nearby hillsides, and encouraged new immigrants to grow grapes by providing low cost land grants. Having brought their wine making skills from Germany, settlers gladly began tending grape vines and producing wine. Within a few years, the area around Hermann became known for wine production, and America’s very first wine district was born.

Trinidad & Tobago Holiday Homes

by Steve Woodward

When it comes to booking one of the many Trinidad & Tobago holiday villas that are now available, there are things, which you yourself can do to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Yes, you can book a nice looking hotel for your vacation, but often booking a villa instead can prove to be somewhat cheaper.

Below we offer a number of tips that can help when it comes to finding and then booking the holiday villa of your dreams. But not only can you use these tips for when you go to Trinidad & Tobago but they can be used when arranging villa rentals in other parts of the world also.

North Cyprus Villas.. Experience A Different Side Of Cyprus

by Tim Martins

North Cyprus is a neutral country when it comes to religion and you will find a very cosmopolitan mixture in this region of Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is the 3rd largest throughout the Mediterranean coming after Sardinia and Sicily, and it is situated at 65 km south of Turkey. There are several other countries in this region including Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Greece.

In 1974 Cyprus was divided into 2 countries with the Turkish Cypriots living on the north and the Greek Cypriots in the south. Real estate tends to be a lot more cheaper in the North than anywhere else in the Mediterranean Sea, so you will always be able to find a bargain there or a cheap rental.

Great Sanibel Island Resorts

by Farrell Harber

Would you believe that a breathtaking tropical island is less than an hour’s drive from Fort Myers, Florida?

Sanibel Island is where perfect vacations begin. Just off the southwest coast of Florida, this barrier island is all about activities, adventures and pure relaxation. There are endless beaches that remain unspoiled by the throngs of tourists. A veritable abundance of natural wildlife adds to the allure of Sanibel Island.

Sanibel has the infrastructure to support your every need and desire. A shopping district offers bargain fare and fashionable finds. Satisfy every craving at your choice of many fabulous restaurants. Accommodations are available to suit all types of travelers.

With so many resorts and rental properties available, it’s easy to find comfortable Sanibel Island accommodations. Here is a selection of some of the best accommodation options that Sanibel Island has to offer: